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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To the Naughty and Forbidden

Naughty and forbidden, now doesn't that just sound dark? Today Jen and I are going to delve into what some would consider just that, the world of BDSM. Two books in fact. Allison's Training by Jen and The Gardener, which I wrote. We'll go from a beginning foray into the world to an experienced sub's trip. First is up is the review Jen did for The Gardener and then my humble offerings on Allison's Training.

Jen wrote:

The Gardener is Dakota’s first real foray into D/s in a short story format so she asked me to read it over and give her suggestions on correcting any errors she had made, but that job was easy. As I read I was first enchanted by Dakota’s Alexa, a sweet, innocent enough nymph to be thrilled by the dominate tendencies of her hunk gardener Caleb. She draws you in with Alexa’s need and then hooks you with Caleb’s desire to fulfill her need. There is excellent beginning D/s here and Dakota earns a gold star for making Caleb a strong but loving Master. He is strong enough to make her do as he says, but loving enough to be concerned about a fledgling slaves needs.

My advice was few and far between as Dakota maneuvered Alexa through her early steps to the happiness she desired, and Dakota gained valuable experience for her novel-sized project Nisey’s Story. Nervous about her first D/s effort, Dakota turned out to be more knowledgeable than she realized and The Gardener is an excellent first effort foretelling success for Nisey’s Story.

The Gardener can be seen and purchased here along with Dakota’s other books


Wow! What high praise for a newbie writer in the BDSM scene. Good thing the readers can't see me. I curse my fair skin and perchant for blushing. Up next is my review of Allison's Training.

Dakota wrote:

Allison's Training is a wonderful tale of self journey of a, dare I say it, "bitchy" woman, who is used to having everything her own way. Until the day she throws a fit about an outfit that her lover says she can't have and makes his decision stick. This whirl wind journey starts when Allison is taken to the family "farm".

While this author has never delved deeply as Jen into the world of BDSM and "pony play", I found the journey of Allison learning her true nature an eye opening experience and carried me along swiftly to the conclusion. Simply put once I started it, I couldn't stop til I finished it. And after all isn't that the true mark of a great author?

Allison's Training can be found at this link along with all of Jen's other works.


Up tomorrow will be the second part of my interview with Jen, and I look forward to hearing all your comments and Friday, Jen will conclude our week with the conclusion of her interview with me.

Happy reading, Folks!

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