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Monday, April 27, 2009


Hello everyone! First, I want to thank Kiki for having Christy Poff and myself over at her wonderful blog! (^_^) It's very much appreciated!!

I had the pleasure of reviewing one of Ms. Poff's books, and I have to say, although I usually sway in favor of Vamp books instead, I thoroughly enjoyed "Spark of a Wolf" and DO look forward to reading more of her works. And never fear, she has Vamp stories as well that I WILL be investigating! lol.

Eyes of Darkness 5: Spark of a Wolf
By Christy Poff

This book was an exciting police investigation story, as we find Detective Sean McMurray of the Aspen Police force--and former tracking and surveillance specialist for Special Forces--hunting down Adolph Gliickman, and Dustin Chyn, criminal masterminds behind a dangerous designer drug that's still a work-in-progress. Their human guinea pigs are young women in their 20's, with little to no family and loners that won't be missed, as they pump the kidnapped women with their test drug. Once dead, they toss their victims like garbage, leaving them for the police to find.

During the investigation, McMurray has disturbing nightmares of fighting a mystical wolf, which tells him of his destiny to help their kind, and to find the one--his soulmate--who can help him through this trying time, as he is one of them and destined to be their leader. Remaining in denial of this prophecy, he winds up with many sleepless nights, doing his best to drink the problem away.

The investigation eventually leads McMurray to Rhiannon Drake, a loner and guide for the National Park Service of Aspen--and a werewolf. Their chance encounter leads to heated passions as the spark between them is ignited, knowing they belong together, that they are the true soulmates.

McMurrary starts questioning his sanity when his abilities start to hit him full-force. Rhiannon takes him to Sanctuary, a hospital and reserve for people of their kind. Getting the explanations he needed from Rhiannon's parents, McMurray still tries to deny he is like them, and shuns everyone, including Rhiannon, who is now with child, which McMurray also vehemently denies. Shocked, hurt, and feeling betrayed, she flees Sanctuary, only to be captured by Gliickman and Chyn, who soon discover Rhiannon's secret and begin their heinous torture of her.

Will McMurray come to his senses, accept his lineage, and save Rhiannon and their unborn children from the evils of two madmen? Will his love for her be enough to save their crumbling relationship?

I have to admit, I read this book in one sitting, as I had to see how this would end. The criminal investigations themselves were exciting; I felt like I was watching a movie in my head. The love/hate relationship and terse communication between McMurray and Rhiannon during their spat drove me nuts, and I wanted to yell at them to stop acting so ridiculous and just get back together, lol. All turns out well in the end, and the criminals get what they deserve. The love scenes between Sean and Rhi were hot and I was glad to see everything worked out between them. If you like shapeshifter stories, this is a good one to add to your collection!

Here's also an interview I've conducted with Ms. Poff, and stayed tuned, as more cool stuff will be showing up throughout the week!!

1. Tell us something no one would ever expect about you.
My extremely deep and profound love of British Comedy plus Top Gear, Torchwood and Doctor Who.
2. What sparked the writing bug for you?
I think I’ve always had it but there was always something in the way. Finally several years ago, I just did it and here we are today.
3. What are you currently working on?
One of my contemporary romances. This time, it’s got a hockey theme and it’s titled No Deal.
4. Have your stories won any awards/ recognition?
Masked Desires finished in this year’s Preditors & Editors in the Top 10: Eyes of Darkness #4: Red Fire was a finalist in the 2006 Dream Realms competition but didn’t win; Blue Velvet was named Best erotic romance in 2005 and I’ve been fortunate to win some Honorable mentions in the Golden Rose Awards (2007) and in Stella Cameron’s Scarlet Boa contest in 2008 for an excerpt from a manuscript written several years ago that is being buffed, so to speak, to be published eventually.
5. What's your fave comfort food?
York Peppermint Patties and hot tea (the British in me)
6. What's under your bed at any given moment?
Dust Bunnies and anything that will fit underneath. We live in an apartment with limited storage.
7. Do you like to collect things?
Shot glasses from wherever we go, lapel pins and I have an extensive collection of Beanie Bears (all sizes). Does 23 Raggedy Ann and Andy’s count?
8. What do you find most rewarding about your writing?
Finding out I can finish something and get great response for what I do.
9. What are some things your hate about life?
Stop and go driving – I like to open an engine up and let it run plus I love speed; people who walk in front of me and don’t use simple manners-especially at the book store;
10. What advice would you give to a budding novelist in this day and age?
Do not let so-called experts tell you that you can’t do something because it’s not what they like. If I hadn’t listened to a theme editor from the local community college in my senior year, I wouldn’t have wasted almost 25 years not writing. If you want to do it – GO FOR IT!


  1. Thanks guys! Great start to the week, and I love shape shifters!
    I second the GO FOR IT! There are plenty of people out there worthy of ignoring. *grins You have to do what you love, and stick to your own dreams. No one else can choose for you!
    *stepping down from soapbox now

  2. Those are great interviews and Man I have to stop reading reviews. Cause I keep finding more books I would like to read and can't cause there just isn't spare money. Love my vamps and shifters! Sometimes you just have to forge ahead regardless of what someone says and fight for your dreams. Phylis Sullivan

  3. Thanks bunches for the comments (^_^). If we didn't have our dreams, where would we be, you know?? Dreams help to make things reality!


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