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Thursday, April 16, 2009


So Jianne you thought my book would be a movie? Ha! Wouldn't that be fantastic. I think I'd like Julia Roberts to play Keealyn and for Ryan, hmmm, Hugh Jackman. What do you think?

I think I’d take Hugh Jackman as my hero anytime.

I had no idea that erotica was so hot. Gosh I wish I knew how to write it. I learn more about sex by reading your books then I knew before. Yeah, okay laugh but it's true. Who ever heard of wining and I never heard about Carnival in Trinidad before.

Trinidad Carnival is very different than the others. I’m inserting a couple of pictures of the Children’s Carnival. The band pictures is called Lilliput and my friend, Merylle Mahabir, designs their costumes ever year.

I had to admit in my blog that until I read your books I was intimidated by erotica. How did you manage to put so much sex into those stories and still tell a wonderful tale? You know I love the paranormal stories and the fact that you are planning eleven books in your Witchy Women series would be real intimidating to me. I think I'll be lucky if this ole brain can squeeze out five or six books period. I often wonder how the heck you manage to be so prolific with a job that keeps you running all over the place. Since I retired I have a lot more time and I still can't pump them out like you do.

I wish I could write full time. It would be so wonderful to be able to devote all my energy into writing.

Well I guess it helps that your family is so supportive. Your son is the model on your website, but what amazes me most is when you told me your DH wanted you to put back into your craft a good portion of what you make. Not many men would do that. He's a great guy for sure.

My DH has supported me from day one. He found a way for me to take a month off to finish my first book. He realized before I did that I wanted to write, that I had more than one book in me.

Did you ever fell a bit hesitant about publishing by ebook to print on demand. As for myself I knew that most of the big publishing companies won't even read your query letters without an agent. So I knew that The Wild Rose Press had a great reputation and I felt so lucky that they contracted me. I never regretted it and I never will. You felt the same about Loose ID and Siren Publishing didn't you? The only thing that concerned me was the higher price of the printed book.

I am firmly convinced that eBooks are the future. I look at my three sons who are still relatively old-fashioned compared to the seven and eight year olds out there, and the way they interact with technology. Texting is an inherent part of their lives. They socialize more on the Internet than they do in a bar. The Internet has changed our life dynamics and will continue to do so. Who’d have thought ‘twitter’ would be a noun and a verb?

You have what, five books published already, you are on a roll. I can't wait for the next book in The Witchy Women series. It's gonna be about Harrie isn't it? What else do you have in the mix to be published?

Harrie’s book is on the back burner for now. I am working on a special, by invitation only, manuscript for Loose –Id, entitled White on White. It’s part of a Fourth of July release themed around red, white, and blue. White on white is a paranormal romantic suspense. This one’s very different for me as my hero is a Sheriff. Damn, I love those bad boys.!

I am working on the second in my Time Can Heal Your Heart series. It's been slow for me, sometimes life throws you curves and takes over and your muse just wants to hide. But I have started to get back into it and I am pretty excited about the premise of Keealyn's sister using the ring.

I can’t wait to read Lacey’s story. Get going woman!


  1. Thanks so much for being here this week Mary and Jianne! I have enjoyed reading the posts, getting to know you both, and adding new books to my TBR list!
    Write On!

  2. Thanks for asking us Kiki, it's been fun!

  3. Did someone mention Hugh Jackman? I'm all ears.
    Yes, definitely needs to be a movie. :)

  4. Mary & Jianne,
    Great post. I've learned so much about you both by reading this blog. You are both amazing!


  5. Hugh Jackman! Yummy! Mary, sometimes those stories just need to stew a while!

  6. Great blog posts this week, Mary and Jianne!!

  7. It's great to see you both, Jianne and Mary, planning and getting busy writing more books. I can't wait to download your new ebooks. Yes the future is ebooks for sure.


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