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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Sean and Rhiannon of


1.Was it just strictly between you two, or do all werewolves tend to be so...heady?
All of us tend to be very heady as you suggest. Our beasts tend to take over and once they do, there is no stopping them because nature takes over. It’s the alpha instincts coming into play as well. Besides, it makes life extremely interesting and heated. *wicked snicker*

2. What is the change like? Is there any physical pain during transformation?
When you change from birth, it’s as natural as walking and eating. Going through your first change later in life is painful because you actually feel the skeletal changes taking place as the transition occurs. After that, it becomes as normal as if it had been a natural instinct.

3. Rhiannon: Is sex while being pregnant more intense and sensually heightened for you?
In a word—yes. I thought it was amazing before that but... *elbow from Sean*

4. How large is your werewolf family tree? How far across the States do they extend?
It’s very extensive but as to how large, we’re still learning about the other packs in the United States, Canada and Germany. In the States alone, we’ve found packs in North Carolina, California, Vermont, Wyoming and Montana to mention a few. Every day brings a new group to our attention.

5. Rhiannon: Your school nickname was Ducky? How did you earn that moniker?
It came when I played soccer in high school because it wound up being easier to yell than Rhiannon. Now that you mention it, I don’t remember a specific reason—it kinds just happened.

6. Sean: What was the one thing that made you leave Special Forces?
It seemed to be the right time. Every time I wanted to leave, they came up with another assignment or re-enlisting bonus. I got to the point I needed to come home and put my foot down though sometimes they call me to consult.

7. Rhiannon: Will you eventually return to being a park guide, now that the danger is over?
Probably not considering how our family is growing as well as the say to day affairs of the pack here in Aspen as well as those across the country and internationally. I miss it but things here keep me very busy.

8. Although your family is a peaceful lot, Damon, however, seems to like explosives. Any idea how he developed a talent for making things go 'boom', and why?
That’s another benefit of the military. Damon went in long enough to serve one tour, learn his trade and get out though they were not happy about it at all. We we’re very fortunate with him taking on the destruction of the lab in Chicago.

9. What are your future hopes and aspirations for your four children?
We want them to cherish and protect their heritage as well as the need to live in peace with the other packs and the human race surrounding us. They have a huge responsibility ahead of them when they come of age to take over for me or if they end up with other packs like Damon and Gabriel have. We all walk a fine line and it has to be maintained. They are our future and we want only the best for them.


  1. Nice interview!!! This story's got me pretty intrigued now :)

  2. I enjoyed the interviews with the characters. That was very interesting to see the interaction between the characters without having read the story. Phylis


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