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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Go to the official site and read more six sentences from many wonderful authors: http://www.sixsunday.com/

My six from my angel and demon novella, A Questionable Hero, published by kNight Romance Publishing.

 "Those eyes, lighter than the inky black of most of his kind, bored into hers, searched hers. As an angel warrior gifted with empathic abilities, she could feel lust rising over the flood of his more erratic feelings of fear, bewilderment, and shame. It could have been a minute or an hour they had stood there, because time seemed to stand still, wrapped in the embrace of this man’s stare. Her sword of light remained down beside her instead of being jabbed into the cavity of his chest to kill him. At the same time, he slowly sheathed his weapon rather than coming for her. They were opposing combatants of the war in a shocked stalemate, entranced by each other, out of sync with the natural order of events."

A Questionable Hero Blurb:
Born of a mortal woman but raised in Hell by the demon that sired him, Abdamas is a Halfling—proof incarnate of the war between good and evil that exists in each of us. Shaebiel is an angel warrior earning her ultimate salvation in Heaven by fighting demons like Abdamas who are in search of human souls on Earth.

In the heat of a raging battle , Abdamas sees Shaebiel and wants her. When the blade of another demon aims for her, Abdamas is injured himself trying to save her. Shaebiel can’t believe a demon has rescued her from certain death and takes her questionable hero home with her to heal him.

As they both fight and surrender to their desires, the conflict around them continues, and there is Heaven and Hell to pay for their actions. Through divine intervention they are offered a gift. But Hell is nowhere near finished with either of them, and the stakes are getting higher and higher.

Can a questionable hero sacrifice enough to redeem himself in the eyes of Heaven so that he may claim the love of an angel? 

I recently finished up the wonderful paranormal romance "A Questionable Hero" By Kiki Howell. Once I started reading this love story I had a difficult time getting my nose out of my Nook and back into reality since it was action packed from start to finish with very little breathing room in between the pages! ~Punky’s Book Raves
“The world-building Kiki Howell did in this story is uncanny as this is what I always believed angels and demons to be.  The romance and characters came alive on the page for me. I was personally involved in their happiness and craved the resolution as deeply as Abdamas and Shaebiel did!”  ~Nas Dean, Romance Book 

“A Questionable Hero kept me pulled into the storyline from page one and I read it in one sitting. You realize quickly that the battle between good and evil aren’t black and white, there are shades of gray. If you like a fast hot read, with a touch of paranormal, and good versus evil thrown into the mix, then I would recommend this  book.” ~Gracen Miller, Author of Pandora’s Box

Genres: Urban Fantasy (Angels and Demons), Erotic Romance
Adult Content Warnings: Explicit Graphic Language and Violence


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Review of "Day of Legion" by Craig Taylor

The Day of Legion definitely got off to a great start, hooking me right away in having me try to figure out the main character was in both past, present and future. With lots of unexpected twists, the story continued to recapture and hold my attention from start to finish.

I thought the story had a unique structure to the story line, and I applaud authors and publishers who take those kinds of risks because it definitely worked for this book. Even with the multiple, meaning more than two, points of views, which is always a challenge to depth of character, I think the author did a great job of letting the reader get to know each of them. I felt personally involved. Maybe this was in the descriptions that the author seemed so very good at.  These made me really enjoy the good verses bad plot, the destiny, angel and demon type feel to every event that happened. The mythology was light but sounds, lending its hand to the constant suspense which really made the book.

If supernatural horror is your thing, then I highly recommend this read! Craig Taylor is yet another excellent author from Damnation Books :)

Book Information taken from Damnation Books Website

The Day of Legion

by Craig Taylor
eBook ISBN: 9781615723911

Price: $ 5.95
Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Supernatural
Novel of 78960 words
Sex rating: 3
Violence rating: 3
Edited by Gerald L. "Moss" Bliss, D.D.
Cover Artwork by Dawné Dominique
Print ISBN: 9781615723928 

About the book:
The Darkness will do anything to slay all those who stand in their way of corrupting mankind. Light bearers, those born to protect mankind, must face an immortal seductress as she attempts to bring forth the Legion of Demons.

Thrust into the battle between light and dark, Doctor Patricia Leland and Light-bearer David Ravenbrook must do all they can to protect five year old Jason Hansen from evil, but at the same time, figure out the plans of the darkness before mankind is lost forever…if they can.

  • “If I could change it all, would you accept it?”

  • “I can tell you that you have a guardian angel right next to you now. All I can see is his energy.”

  • “No! This child belongs to the light!”

  • Excerpt:
    The pleasure in his eyes was instant. His loneliness melted away and he felt wanted again. He smiled and started to imagine this beautiful woman as his partner and all the things they could do together. Then he felt her hands on his neck and the pressure. She chanted quietly to herself. At first confusion set in. He thought she just liked it rough, but reality soon became apparent and he started to choke. Within seconds he was dead.

    Clara got off him and stood by the bed. She knew it would happen quickly and she was excited. She didn’t have long to wait, before the body of the man arched its back and inhaled deeply and loudly.

    The face turned to look at her and she knew straight away the demon was in him. His eyes were completely black and the familiar odour of the darkness filled the room. The chest heaved as the demon relished in the pleasure of breathing in the earth’s oxygen; something it hadn’t experienced for hundreds of years.
    Clara released the bindings holding the limbs, allowing the demon to sit up and look around. He smiled. She was instructed to acquire a strong healthy body and she hadn’t let him down. He could feel the muscle fibres and the lean limbs over strong, solid bones. He felt the lungs breathing in the sweet air and he could smell the sickly scent of a world with too much light and hope.


    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    Not For Victorian Eyes Virtual Art Tour – Interview with Christopher Chamberlain

    A little something different today here on ABA! Fantastic artist, erotic art...well, lets get right to the art and the questions, shall we :) Make sure you check out the chance to win an original print that Christopher is offering with his blog tour at the bottom of today's post!

    Can you tell me the inspiration behind this drawing?

    It all started with a one minute gesture drawing that I created at a life drawing session.  I liked the pose and I wanted to use it in a finished piece, so I laid it out on the finished board.  While I was drawing that, thoughts of a fantasy image came into play, and before I knew it, I was adding her flaming wings and the barren landscape around her.

    What medium is used, and why did you choice it for this work?

    I used watercolour, watercolour pigments, and coloured pencils to create this piece.  I think there was some gouache involved as well.  I just love working with watercolours – they react in an immediate way.  Sometimes you have to step back and let the paints dry a bit, or absorb.  But, you can lay the colours in so delicately and really produce a great deal of colour depth.

    Flaming wings and a skull with such bright color choices…is there a message in this? Why the juxtaposition?

    A message, well there could be?  How about, behave yourself or she’ll get you…  Not very good, I know.  Feel free to make up your own!

    I love playing with colours, and I love using bright hues.  There was a thought beyond “hey, this looks good” but I’d rather hear other people’s interpretations. 

    Again, what is the inspiration behind this picture? I just always have to know!

    Scales and balance, are always somewhere in my mind.  It’s just something that I do naturally.  I don’t think it’s only because I’m a Libra. 

    The image came into my mind one day, when I was considering balance, and the sexes, actually.  It has a bit to do with historical allegory, some of the current politically correct point of view, and metaphor. 

    What about the color choices? To me the blue and orange clash as much as they compliment each other. LOL Are your color choices very deliberate, as in you give them a lot of thought or do you use whatever strikes you at the moment?

    It’s a deliberate choice in the colours.  I think much of what I create with my artwork is very well thought out.  Sometimes there are happy little accidents which just take place and I love those.  I do like to do what strikes me at the time.  In fact, I’m experimenting with some pieces that require me to be less structured in my planning just to see what happens.

    Why are the people on the bottom of the scales? What exactly are you weighing here?

    I didn’t want them holding the scales from above. 

    Part of the inspiration was a bit of Cirque du Soleil.  The acrobatics involved astound me, and it just keeps me mesmerized. 

    I wanted the people on the bottom because it’s amazing what unimaginable strength can be found in any person.  As for the weighing – I’ll have to say nothing in particular. 

    Do you have artists that do erotic pieces that you really like and possibly even inspire you?

    Certainly!  Klimt did amazing work.  I went to see a traveling show of his artwork a few years ago in Ottawa.  He did some really beautiful work and it was eroticism without showing much in the way of overt sexuality. 

    Egon Schiele created some really intriguing pieces as well.  His were more about raw emotion, in my opinion, and being utterly exposed and not always in the loveliest ways.

    When did you start drawing as a career choice?

    I started actually drawing freelance and professionally about ten years ago.  But, it was always something I loved to do.

    For me, even if nothing personal is in a story I write, revealing it feels like exposing myself in some very personal way. Is this the same with you and your work?

    That is a pretty accurate statement.  In as much that every time I put my work out in the past, yes, there’s a feeling of I hope someone likes it.  I have found recently though that I’ve been able to distance myself somewhat from my works; although that may have much to do with the fact that I’m already thinking about the next piece.  Even still, there is a bit of me in each and every piece that I create.

    When did you first create an erotic piece of work, and what was it of, if you can share?

    It was about five or six years ago that I created my first erotic piece.  I don’t think it was much more than an overtly sexual pin-up girl, to be honest.  Since then, I’ve matured in my tastes, and found different ways to deliver an expression of eroticism.

    Let everyone know where they can find you around the web:

    You can always catch me on my blog.  I'm creating more erotic art and bunches of other stuff.  For my erotica artwork, I'm actually creating a couple of different series, or themes; as well as doing a little experimentation with style.  I'll begin sharing them on my blog once I have a good selection of pieces finished.  I post new works as they are created, and of course, figure sketches and studies for my erotica.
    And I also post works on my deviantart site:
    Also, I'm creating my fun, all-ages webcomic Kid Robo (www.grayhavencomics.com/category/kid-robo.html)
    It's a total departure from my erotic work.  I love working in different styles and genres, and this is just a fun thing for me to play with.

    For anyone of your readers who may be looking for artwork of all sorts, they can feel free to contact me and be treated very professionally. I take my artwork seriously, and I treat each piece with the same level of professionalism. I can be contacted through email:

    Regarding my Not For Victorian Eyes virtual art tour:
    I'm offering as a bonus, to all new followers of my blog, a chance to win an original print of one of my pieces of art.  This contest will run until the first day of Autumn.  Each and every follower of my blog will have a chance to win, including my current followers.  New followers will have an extra ballot in the random draw.  You can also get an extra ballot by leaving a comment.  The best three comments (as chosen by me) left on my blog over the duration of the contest will receive a print. 

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    Chloe Jon Paul Reviews “Teaching Is…” by Marjan Glavac

    Teaching Is… Blurb:

    Teaching is made up of a series of moments.  Moments that are memorable disappear all too quickly, almost unnoticed.  Other moments linger, but are soon forgotten.

    Memorable moments are the fuel for a teacher’s passion to teach, and to continue to teach when the challenges are almost overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable.

    This book is a series of moments that inspire and motivate teachers to make a difference in spite of insurmountable challenges.

    Book Review:

                As a retired teacher-turned-writer, I found this book to be an absolute treasure as it brought back so many memories for me.  My first thought was to order several copies of the book to give as gifts to teacher friends of mine – and that is exactly what I did!  This book makes a wonderful gift for any teacher at any grade level.

                Teaching Is…punctuated my own efforts to celebrate good teachers everywhere in my latest book.  I found it to be the perfect complement to my work.  I am certain that parents and students would love to know that there is a lovely gift waiting to be given to a favorite teacher.

                Marjan Glavac ends this marvelous little book with these words:

    Teaching Is…Leaving school on a late Friday night exhausted, but knowing deep down that you made a difference.

                There is nothing more left to say except…Amen to that!

    Word count: 236

    Publisher: Printed in China

    Book Reviewed By: Chloe Jon Paul

    Author Bio:
    Chloe Jon Paul, M.Ed., is a retired educator and writer of several published articles and a previous book entitled "What Happens Next: A Family Guide to Nursing Home Visits" and More...

    Her many achievements since the age of 55 include:

    -- Title of Ms. Maryland Senior America 2003
    -- Recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship Seminars Abroad award to
    South Africa, 1996
    -- Volunteer internship during the 2005 Maryland legislative session as a Legacy Leadership Institute graduate
    -- Lead facilitator for the Alternatives to Violence Project in prison and community workshops on conflict resolution for ten years
    -- State representative for the National Family Caregivers Association's caregiver community action network 2006-2008
    -- Advisory board member: MD, Healthcare Commission and the Interagency Commission for Aging Services: Maryland Dept. of Aging
    -- Hospice and homeless shelter volunteer
    -- Coordinator for the Good Samaritan Project at her church
    -- World traveler - all 7 continents

    This Business of Children By Chloe Jon Paul


    Vera Harriss, Deidre Fletcher, Mark Pettingill, and Stu Martel are elementary school teachers in the fictional town of Blevins, Maine whose secret, private lives change dramatically as you read.
    Vera, who is about to retire, vents her anger during a Board of Education meeting with a speech that brings the audience to its feet. Why does Deidre, an exceptional teacher, leave the job she loves to become a corporate trainer down South? Then there is Mark, the perennial job hunter looking for a corporate position with more prestige and pay but then turns down the perfect offer when it finally comes through. Stu, one of the most popular teachers in the school, struggles with a deep, dark secret that he can only share with Deidre. What causes Stu
    Vera Harriss, Dee 
    Fletcher, Mark Pettingill, and Stu Martel are eager to share their intriguing secrets and entangled lives with you.

    Click Here to Purchase from Amazon 

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    My Review of "This Business of Children" by Chloe JonPaul

    Vera Harriss, Deidre Fletcher, Mark Pettingill, and Stu Martel are elementary school teachers in the fictional town of Blevins, Maine whose secret, private lives change dramatically as you read. Vera, who is about to retire, vents her anger during a Board of Education meeting with a speech that brings the audience to its feet. Why does Deidre, an exceptional teacher, leave the job she loves to become a corporate trainer down South? Then there is Mark, the perennial job hunter looking for a corporate position with more prestige and pay but then turns down the perfect offer when it finally comes through. Stu, one of the most popular teachers in the school, struggles with a deep, dark secret that he can only share with Deidre. What causes Stu's untimely death? Vera Harriss, Dee Fletcher, Mark Pettingill, and Stu Martel are eager to share their intriguing secrets and entangled lives with you.

    My Review:
    Even with changes in POV, this story read more like a memoir. The writing was very consise, focused and detailed, especially at first, when the novel seemed to focus more on teaching. Having once been a teacher myself, and having been married to a teacher for the last sixteen years, I enjoyed the story, even though sometimes the plot got bogged down in too many teaching details like lessons, paperwork – which is telling of the life, but I still thought the first half of the story could have benefited from a few more teacher lounge scenes, more personal dialogue and such. The teacher’s frustrations come through right away, but inter-personal conflicts trickle in.

    This all changes about seventy pages in. The personal stories start about then. The characters start interacting outside of school, and the action sort of picks up. I liked getting to know them, how their jobs defined them and what they thought of themselves. Teaching is truly a job that you take home with you in many ways. There were many poignant moments in this story.

    All that said, I felt the story had a very relevant message about our educational system. Universal issues were touched on like class size, duties outside of teaching, restructuring school systems, etc. On top of that, a reader gets to see the struggle of how much a teacher can risk their job by speaking up to better the system, how sometimes fighting for what is best for the children has to be silenced if a teacher wants to stay teaching said children.

    Great summer read for teachers or anyone who wants to know more about how our education system works behind the scenes.  

    Inspiration for This Novel written by Chloe JonPaul

    In 1991, I took a leave of absence from my teaching position after a very troubling year at the school where I was assigned.  To safeguard my sanity (smile), I decided that it would be best to take some time and re-group so I went back to Maine.  My dear friend Helene invited me to stay at her home.

    Lewiston, Maine was the place where I had done the best and most creative teaching in my entire career.

    It wasn’t too long after my arrival that I began musing about the possibility of writing a novel.  Before I knew it, these four characters emerged almost out of the blue.  They weren’t any of the teachers I had known – possibly a composite of people I had known in the many places I had taught over the years.  I must admit, however, that there is a bit of me in both Deidre Fletcher and Vera Harriss.

    I wanted the setting to be in Maine but I didn’t want to name any particular town or city so I named the town Blevins.  The story is also a reflection in some way of my own union activism as a teacher.

    The greatest inspiration for the novel, I feel, is having worked beside so many wonderful teachers who DO make a difference in the lives of the children they teach.  I want to acquaint the world with the struggles they face professionally while having to deal with the demons in their own lives.

    My  teachers and my high school principal  inspired me to be the best that I could possibly be and so  the dedication in this book reads:

    To the special teachers in my life who inspired me with their wisdom, spirituality, and elegance.
                                Margery Harriss
                                Marguerite Zouck
                                Eunice Shay
                                Mother Colombina, MPF

    I actually trashed the novel after I had written it but my friend retrieved it saying, 
    “You are NOT throwing this away!”  I stashed it away and really didn’t think about it much until last year when I began seeing so much in the news about the problems in education.  What topped it for me was reading about the teacher who committed suicide in Bethlehem, PA after being accused of molesting a student.  We also had the 25th anniversary of the Challenger disaster.  I thought, “Wow!  That’s all in my book!”  So I pulled the manuscript out once more…and the rest is history.

    Click Here to Purchase at Amazon 

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    My Review of "Spankdown" by Cassandre Dayne

    Book Blurb:
     Do you want to play a game?

    Victoria Miller is a professor at one of the most prestigious schools in the country. She's also the creator of several adult blogs about spanking and BDSM.  Craving a man that can understand her kinky needs, she settles for enjoying her passion through her writings, but she admires one hot college student, Drake Myers. The God like blond fuels her every night fantasies, but he is completely untouchable. Or so she believes. 

    Stumbling upon her blogs by accident, Drake decides to turn up the heat between them. He adores the voluptuous red-headed vixen and enlists the help of a college buddy, developing a kinky plan to have her take a tumble with him in bed and perhaps more. As he begins sending her secret poems, indulging in her need to be dominated, he is unable to resist her and one day they enter into a wicked tryst smack in the middle of her office. The game still yet to be played out, he threatens to expose her secret. And just as he decides to stop his nefarious rouse, she turns the tables. 

        Pages: 46
        ISBN: 978-0-9876894-2-9
    Genre & Sub-Category: Erotic Fiction/BDSM/Ménage
        Heat Level 5+
    My Review:

    Wow, fantastically hot BDSM fantasy...beyond that give me a minute to find some words here!! LOL!! It had all of the elements of a phenomenally sexy, get you all hot and bothered, story from the strong personalities of the characters, to the teacher & student relationship, to your secret is out to a little blackmail and then some. Seriously, WOW!

    Even though this story is an erotic "fantasy", I found the plot very believable actually, the way the professor’s secret were revealed. I loved the professor’s quiet feisty, bad girl in a professor suit, personality, especially when it went up against the sexy as hell college boys. But, what really made this book over the top for me was the way the BDSM scenes were told with that rare talent for description that tells just enough and leaves the perfect amount to the imagination. I never once got bored with an overdone sex scene, there was not one unbelievable element, well maybe I wanted a bit more of the story, but after reading a tale like this, who wouldn’t? I didn't want it to end. Seriously, I have found myself a new author – one I plan to read a whole lot more of!!!! I suggest you so the same. Pick up Spankdown and see what I mean ;) 

    Author Website: http://www.cassandredayne.com/
    Buy Now At Smashwords
    Buy Now at Amazon

    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    BlogFest 2011, July 15 - 17

    Welcome to Authors By Authors

    I have two bundles this year that you can enter to win during Blogfest. Please note that all stories offered are Paranromal, Erotic Romances. Please do not enter if you are not over the age of 18! All descriptions of books being given away are at www.kikihowell.com Please Note: This is an international giveaway, Open To All :)

    Bundle #1: Ebooks

    A Strange Freedom: Blood & Fireworks

    Mystic Stones

    Torn Asunder

    Irreconcilable Differences

    A Modern Day Witch Hunt

    Bundle #2: Covers Mug and Print Books
    Book Cover Mug

    Torn Asunder

    Irreconcilable Differences

    A Modern Day Witch Hunt

    To enter:
    -- Send email to howell.kiki(at)gmail.com
    -- Subject Line “Blogfest 2011”
    -- Message:
    Tell me which budle you prefer to win Bundle #1, Bundle #2 or Either One?
    OPTIONAL - List Any Additional Entries:
    +1 Follower on Twitter (List Your Twitter Profile Name)
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    Please Continue to Hop to the Next Five Blogs On The List

    For A Complete List Of Participating Blogs, Please Go To http://www.ajourneyofbooks.com 
    To Enter A Special Giveaway, Track The Blogs You Visit At  http://blogfest.ajourneyofbooks.com



    Kiki: What is your favorite genre to read in, and what is it about that genre that attracts you to it? If you like a specific mix of genres, please state that particular combination.

    Erin: I love to read romance from YA to erotica. You would find paranormal romance stories that line most of my book shelves. I have to say that I like my romance stories hot so even the paranormal romance stories are erotic. There is something so hot about the animalistic nature portrayed in shifters and the blood elements in vampires should be creepy but it’s erotic instead. You know what I mean?

    Kiki: Oh, I know exactly what you mean! LOL What is your favorite author to read in that genre, and why? Also, please tell me a little about the best book by that author you have read.

    Erin: My favorite author is the warden herself, J. R. Ward. I aspire to one day write stories and make characters as memorable as she does. What I love about the characters she writes is that they go through hell and back. By the time they get their little piece of heaven, I’m just praying for them to be able to experience some happiness.

    Ummm, wow! The best book of J. R. Ward….I would say is my favorite and its Lover Awakened. In that book, we learn about Zsadist and his back story as well as the woman he falls in love with, Bella. Zsadist was kidnapped as a kid and was raised as a blood slave. He was tortured and forced to perform sexually for his owner (woman) and men she wanted him to have sex with. His brother rescued him and in the process, lost his leg to save them both. Bella is kidnapped by the Lessers and Zsadist rescues her. Despite the fact that they are both into one another, Zsadist doesn’t think he’s worthy of an aristocrat like Bella. Bella is able to break thru his defenses and teach him that he is a male of worth.

    Kiki: Do you have a Favorite Book of All Time? Of course, please tell us what about that book makes it your favorite.

    Erin: That’s a hard question but there is a book that I read over and over. That book is called Hunter’s Need by Shiloh Walker. I have read that book over and over. I love this one line of dialogue that says, “Do you ache like I ache?” That line is in the middle of a sex scene, however, I just think it’s significant.

    Kiki: What is the best book you read last month, and would you recommend it to a friend?

    Erin: I read a story by Kallysten that was the eighth book in the Vision of Destiny series. I would recommend the whole series. They are short stories but totally leave you (or at least me) salivating for the rest of the stories.

    Kiki: What are your reading habits like? For example, how many books do you read on average in a week, what format do you prefer to read in, what time of day do you read, and what setting is ideal for you to get lost in that book?

    Erin: When I have time, I can read 5-7 books a week but those would be 500 page books. These days I prefer to read books on the computer because I don’t have to physically store them. I’ve run out of space to physically store books and I can’t bring myself to throw them away. If I give them to a friend to read, I always want them back. I read at night mostly and I have been so engrossed in a story that I’ve read all night long and went to work blurry eyed in the morning. The most ideal setting is silence. I love to curl up in the corner, window seat, or love seat and silence. I like the words in the book to fill my senses.

    Kiki: How do you become inspired to write?

    Erin: I was inspired by the authors I like to read. J. R. Ward said if she could do it, so could the writers at home. Stephanie Meyer said she wrote Twilight based on a dream of a meadow. Larissa Ione said that she wrote the Daemonica novels based on an idea she had for a hospital for demons after watching “Angel”, the TV show. From those ideas, phenomenal stories where written.

    Kiki: What part of the story do you think is your strength to write?

    Erin: I think my strength in the story that I wrote was one, the camaraderie of the women and the sensuality between the main characters.

    Kiki: Please share with ABA readers something I did not think to ask you about.

    Erin: This website http://7orbetter.com gave me the idea for the basis of the book.

    Author Name: Erin Jamison
    Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4835205.Erin_Jamison

    “Better Than 8: Fantasy” Blurb:
    Amara Simmons has always fantasized about having two lovers but believes it is just that: a fantasy. She likes her men “gifted”, if you know what I mean. At the suggestion of a friend she registers for an online dating website for well-endowed men called www.betterthan8.com She believes nothing will come of her site membership but after months of flirting online via email and instant messaging, she’s shocked to discover that she’s fallen for a gorgeous Latin man that has the potential to be her everything – except he never calls and she has no idea why. Nursing a broken heart she is totally unprepared to meet her would-be Latin lover in person much less at the negotiation table of a multi million-dollar real estate deal. In Puerto Rico, passion ignites. Promises are finally fulfilled and the lines of reality blur when her fantasy finally blooms to life. Can Amara have it all: the deal, the man, and the fantasy?
    A Brief Overview of "Better Than 8: Fantasy"
    "Better Than 8: Fantasy" is a series of romance and dating novels written by Erin Jamison. There will be 8 books in the series, with each one focusing on a different aspect of romance, love, and relationships. These books are packed full of exciting stories chronicling a journey to find true love in the rocky and tumultuous dating world.
    Several Ways to Enjoy "Better Than 8: Fantasy"
    Erin Jamison's book series is available in two different formats: paperback books and online e-books. Call or e-mail author Erin Jamison to place an order in the format you prefer.
    A Controversial Story of Love and Intrigue
    "Better Than 8: Fantasy" has been praised as a controversial and engaging piece of literature that highlights the mysterious nature of online dating. If you have dabbled in the world of online romance before, this book will provide you with a brand new perspective.
    Buy Links:
    Kindle http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0051CSNVK
    Barnes and Noble
    All Romance Books

    Author Bio:
    An avid reader by nature, Erin Jamison dreamed of telling stories of her very own. Mustering her bravado, she forged ahead to create a series of stories that promote individuality, confidence, fearlessness, fortitude, and passion. She writes sensual erotic stories of women who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it for women who want a bit of a thrill too. Learn more at http://www.erinjamison.com/

    “Better Than 8: Fantasy” Excerpt:

    “How long has it been, Amara?” my girlfriend Stacey asked. Then she continued without waiting for a reply. “Let’s see ...  the last man I heard about wanted to be your maintenance man while keeping his main squeeze. What was his name?”
    Adrian, I think ... ” Nicole chimed in waggling her eyebrows. “And you know everybody needs a maintenance man ...  to you know ...  maintain certain areas.”
    Chuckling along with the rest of my friends, I looked around my living room at them. All four of them were in relationships, save me. It had been four years since I’d been with Adrian, since he’d gotten married.
    I looked around my living room at my four girl friends. We had all been friends it seemed like forever but in reality, it had only been six years. They were all the sisters I never knew I wanted and never had until now.
    We had all worked together in one capacity or another. There were many friends I would say were associates or friend, the term used loosely. These girls, though, I loved.
    There was Nicole aka Nikki, the party planner. The very one that had planned this little girls night we sometimes had on Sunday nights at my cozy two-story Tudor house not far from downtown Mountain View, an hour south of San Francisco. Nikki was the youngest of my friends. She was half white, half Mexican, 26 years old, tan, shorter than five feet tall, and a brunette, usually.
    Then there was Vanessa aka Nessa. Nessa was brown skinned, 28, big brown eyes, with a mischievous sense of humor. She was also the whitest black girl I had ever known.
    Then Stacey, the red headed, stubborn, “I ain’t taking no shit off nobody” kinda girl. She was 40 and a long way away from mellowing out.
    Last but not least was Charlene aka Charlie. Charlie was the quick-witted, 30-year-old, strawberry blond shit talker.
    I felt my face heat up at the mention of Adrian as I gathered the dishes off the table and took them into the kitchen. I grabbed the strawberry cheesecake. On my way back I passed by the floor-to-ceiling hallway mirror and paused. My cheeks were flaming from all the talk about Adrian. My skin was naturally all peaches. I had long dark brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, petite nose, and a full lush mouth. I was cute and curvy. I could admit that to myself.
    After four years of being single, I had trouble explaining to myself why me, 35-year-old Amara Simmons, why I was still alone. Except that Adrian had burned me bad.
    “Mmmmm,” Nessa hummed as she bit into the strawberry cheesecake I had served. “I swear I don’t understand why you’re still single.” I shrugged.
    She continued. “I mean you’re gorgeous, small waist, full breasted, phat ass; for a white girl. And  ...  you can cook. Hell, I’d marry you simply so I can have cheesecake!”
    Amid a chorus of laughter and the clink of wine glasses lifted in agreement with Nessa’s statement echoing my own thoughts, I offered a suggestion. “I simply haven’t met the right one.” I sat with my head resting on the back of an overstuffed brown suede chair with my legs stretched out in front of me on a matching ottoman.
    “The one. You make it sound like that movie, The Matrix. Is that it?” Charlie asked sardonically. She had a mischievous glint in her eye as she sat on my sofa, one leg crossed under her, the other swinging back and forth. “Are you waiting on your version of Neo, or are you stuck in the Matrix?”
    “Very funny Charlie. I’ll know him when I find him that I’m sure of.” I sat up quickly, planted my feet on the floor, and leaned forward. “You know I’ve been wondering though, what if I find Mr. Wonderful and he’s not as well, hmph umph, equipped as I would like.”
    “Mara, OMG! I mean, are you looking for a porn star? Hell, you’ll never find anyone if that’s the criteria you’re measuring against,” Stacey said and flipped her red hair over her shoulder.
    “That’s pretty vain, don’t you think?” Nikki asked. She shifted her petite self in the middle of the white sectional swirling her wine glass. “That’s like a guy saying a girl has to have a set of DDs or something for him to be satisfied. Isn’t it possible to fall for a guy or girl that doesn’t meet all your preconceived notions?”
    Stacey leaned forward in the recliner and looked at the rest of us, sitting on the couch facing her, her green eyes flashing. “Well, hang on now. I think you like who you like and for me at least, I speak from experience. ‘To thine own self be true!’ ”
    We laughed at her attempt to mimic Shakespeare. I nibbled on my cheesecake. It was divine. If only I could find a man as easily as I could bake.
    Stacey stood up and went behind the corner bar for another bottle of chilled wine. “I do think that it’s about knowing yourself. Me for instance, I know I like an average-sized man. I can get off no problem.” She stopped mid pour and glanced at me. “Mara here on the other hand needs a man the size of a bus to get her off!”
    “No, no. I’m not looking for King Kong!” I exclaimed. That gave me a moment’s pause. That actually didn’t seem like a bad idea. My friends watched me. I hummed loudly, for effect and raised an eyebrow. We all burst into a fit of giggles.
    “You know, hell ... ” Charlie said. “I heard about this website. It’s a dating website like a lot of them that are out there already.”
    A chorus of groans and a lot of “Oh no! Here we go! Not this again!”
    “No, seriously. I have a friend that told me about it and she’s talked to a few guys from the site. She’s going out on a date with one of the guys this weekend.” Charlie added.
    “Charlie, I’m sure it’s a great site but what makes this site different from the next dating website?” I asked as I scooted back into the cozy chair and tucked my legs under me.
    “This one, you get to pick how big a lover you’re looking for!” She nodded knowingly. The room was quiet as we all exchanged looks with one another.
    “You mean—” I started.
    “Yep. That’s exactly what I mean. If you need a seven-inch lover, that’s what you put. The site is called www.betterthan8.com. You may have to live outside your comfort zone and upgrade to a size eight to use the site though,” Charlie said with a sly grin. “What do you think?”
     “Well, I don’t know what to think.” I said. But I was curious. Should I?, I wondered.
    “Well, I know what I think!” Stacey sipped her wine. “I know that if I wasn’t happily involved and completely sexually satisfied with my Adonis of a boyfriend, I would register in a heartbeat.”
    “I concur!” Nikki said and raised her wine glass. We all toasted. I hid my smile in my drink.

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