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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reviews of Grit City Publications Emotobooks

Recently, an author friend pointed me toward Grit City Publications, Publishers of the Emotobook Revolution.  http://www.gritcitypublications.com/Grit_City_Publications/GCPHome.html What is an Emotobook? The definition on the Grit City Website defines it as: The term emotobook was conceived by GCP founder, Ron Gavalik, in 2011 to label our first exclusive tablet fiction medium, which heightens emotional awareness in stories. Emotobooks have a unique style and structure, unlike any other entertainment form. Abstract, emotionally provocative illustrations are tied into each story to depict what characters feel during peak moments of tension. These expressionistic elements provide both a cerebral and visual stimulation, which enhance the impact of the experience.

I was very intrigued being an author of dark paranormal and suspense stories myself.  And, after reading Grit City Issue #1, an Emotoserial, and Lingering in the Woods, a Emotosingle, I was not disappointed.

Let’s start with the Emotoserial, Grit City Issue #1  by Ron Gavalik

Blurb from Smashwords:
Grit City is a dark and calamitous world in the throes of self destruction. Dillon Galway, a freelance journalist and blogger, risks his life to expose violent corruption from the heights of skyscrapers to the depths of the underground. He relies on Alyssa Stephano (gun for hire) to help expose the perpetrators and deliver justice. 

My Review:
From the first page, I knew I would get hooked on this series for several reasons. First, the writing style is descriptive, a dark sort of poetic, gritty I must say in a literary way. I was drawn in immediately by the tone the language created, one modern, eerie, and realistic. The descriptions brought a believable depth to the setting. The main characters were tough but real, cynical but still goal-oriented hopeful. They both had drive, dreams, and did what they had to, to get by, to live life their way.

This was a suspense and horror-filled tale from one page to the next.  The setting of Grit City, the blog and newspaper writing characters, the bloody plot, it was all excellently executed. But, lets get to the illustrations in the story. They were vague, surreal, but poignant, open to reader interpretation, but still dead on, only enhancing the story being told. They gave me something more to focus on, something more to think through, adding to my own visualizations as I read. I always rate a story by how much it makes me “see”. This story was already creating clear pictures, but then added in its own from time to time.  They were great additions, a brilliant idea for the ebook era.

Okay, now onto Lingering in the Woods by Cynthia Raveinski

Blurb from Smashwords:
In the untamed wilds of ancient Finland, Chrigle is a young new shaman with a demanding chieftain. He is charged to provide safety over his tribe’s hunters and has much to prove. With only his Spirit Guide to consult, Chrigle must protect the hunters from the ravages of the forest and lead his chieftain and tribe across unfamiliar land, which brims with unknown dangers. 

My Review:
Already impressed with the first emotostory I read, Grit City, Lingering in the Woods was no different. The strength of the writing was consistent, edgy, even if this was a more magical, fantasy tale. The greatness of this tale was in the depictions of magic actually. The spells or rituals were complex, detailed in steps and tools used. The mythology was sound, and while different easy to follow, riding a nice balance with the suspense built of the unknown elements. I know personally how hard that is to achieve.

There were complicated relationships set up in this tale, ones that tugged on your heart, as well as incited other emotions. The plot was unique and engaging, the fantasy characters believable, the writing superb, the descriptions and illustrations wonderful. As an author with many pubs, I am very impressed with the caliber of authors Grit City has published. Seriously, that is one of the best compliments I can give.

Check Out Grit City Publications on

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guest Post: Authors that Inspire Me by Sharita Lira

From the time I began to read which was about 3 all the way till now, I can think of a multitude of authors who shaped my thinking. As a child, I loved reading anything by Dr. Seuss and the Brothers Grimm fairytales. Back then, there were also books where your parents could put your name in the book and make you part of the story. Just found out those still exist.  *giggle*

When I was a teen, I read Edgar Allen Poe, VC Andrews and got into some of the romance novels by Barbara Cortland and Fern Michaels. I used to sneak and read the smut from Jackie Collins. *laughs* Also around that time, I got into Anne Rice, reading her books from cover to cover and when I was finally old enough, I got into more dirty, smexy books. The Penthouse letters, stories in Playgirl, more Fern and Anne and much later, Zane.

This is when I finally began writing erotica on my own. Albeit horrible since I hadn’t thought about writing mechanics or even half the things I do now. I joined a mailing list online called Erotica Readers and Writers Association and read early works from the likes of today’s famous romance and or erotica writers in their beginning stages like Jolie DuPre, TreSart Sioux, and my editor Sascha Illyvich. I also gained the thick skin I do now because some in the group were hard core critics. They’d tell me straight up if the story was unreadable which in a few cases it was.I considered that a valuable lesson and still part of that group today.

Back to reading and fast forward. These days I still read a lot but mostly m/m. My favourites are Sue Brown, Tara Lain, LA Witt, and GA Hauser but I’m also into Carol Lynne, Remmy Duchene Cassandre Dayne, Patricia Logan and Lisa Worrall. A lot of them are my peers but from each one I know I’ve learned something valuable. In my mind, every author, no matter what stage they’re in can teach you something about your own and since I’m a newbie I still have a lot to learn.

Going back through the history, I suppose I could say I’ve picked up something from everything I’ve read. I love humor, romance, hot sex, complex characters, and vivid descriptions. From all of these brilliant writers and others I’ve picked up those traits. I hope to improve on my own so one day I too can inspire another writer.

Author Sharita Lira: The Triad, otherwise known as the characters in the head of Sharita Lira are three separate muses that are the driving force behind her small amount of success. Misses Lira sees her own life as one that is very ordinary, so instead of presenting herself out to the world, she created three personalities that continue to haunt her all hours of the night to get several WIP’s done at the speed of light, and push her to the brink of sheer exhaustion, but she loves it and that’s the reason she hasn’t told them to get the hell out her head.

Michael Mandrake, BLMorticia, and Rawiya collectively have written over 30 stories published in e-book and or print through 7 different publishers. Right now as it stands, Mrs. Lira and the muses have 6 sole author books with much more to come in 2012 and beyond.

She is a happily married mother of two that writes m/m, m/f, ménage, paranormals, contemporaries, and for fun some fan fiction. She is a proud member of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, as well as an advocate for rights of LGBT citizens, and a big fan of 80s and heavy metal music. She’s also a contributor to the heavy metal ezine Fourteeng.net.

For more information, please visit http://www.thelitriad.com as well as her Facebook fanpage, The Literary Triad.

The Literary Triad - http://www.thelitriad.com/#!

Michael Mandrake – http://tabooindeed.blogspot.com

Naughty Nights Press is excited to present a new book by the very talented and multi faceted Sharita Lira, writing as Rawiya.

Is a spicy and sexy interracial mmf ménage, which will have you panting with desire while your body quakes with anticipation.
This book has everything that you would expect from an erotic romance, and more!

A story about three people searching for love in the most unconventional way. Bryan Finley and his partner Damien Earley would like a third in their relationship. While Damien is on a business trip, Bryan meets Mara Devine, a sultry sexy vixen who's insatiable and wants the same. Damien has other thoughts in mind but Mara does everything in her power to turn the tables in her favor.
Living in the Now by Rawiya
Bryan finished swallowing and peered into Mara’s deep brown orbs. He sat his glass on the nightstand and took her hands into his own. “Mara, I want you to be a permanent part of my life with Damien. I want both of you. Is that something you’d be open to?”
Without hesitation she replied, “Yes. I told you it’s what I’ve thought about.”
He breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m glad you are, Mara. I know you mentioned it but I still worried…”
“Not sure why, babe. I want this.”
Bryan brought her into him and hugged her tightly. “I know he’ll like you, Mara. You’re exactly what I’ve been looking for and I’m sure he’ll feel the same.”
Mara returned the kiss. “I hope so. You really are unique.”
Bryan’s mouth felt like the Sahara. He couldn’t have been happier about her response. While he finished his water, “You really are somethin’, you know? I can’t believe how easy you are to talk to.”
Mara handed him the bottle. “Hon, I try not to worry about things. Life’s too short to do that. I’m just glad you’ve been honest with me.”
“I had to, babe. I really care for you, Mara. Even though we just met, I just feel like you’re the one I want to be with Damien and me. You’re everything I’ve hoped for.” Bryan put the wine down before holding up his glass to hers.
“You’re exactly what I’ve wished for too.”      
Purchase your copy of Living in the Now by Rawiya at:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Guest Post by Jennifer Labelle

Erotica vs. Porn, You decide?

Is an erotic romance considered the same as porn? I certainly don’t think so.

To me, erotica is a loving romance with sex, and porn is just sex without the love. Both are made solely for your entertainment, but they are two totally separate categories in my opinion.

Erotica is there to stimulate your mind as well as your excitement with a well thought out and detailed plot, while porn is straight to the nitty gritty, get down and dirty, fuck me baby, wham bam thank you, Mam… and we’re done. They even got rid of the cheesy acting they used to do in the 80’s and 90’s. At least then it was a little comical.

Every writer strives to not only stimulate your mind, but do their best to hook you in with your emotions as well, which in my opinion makes all the difference. After all, take the sex out of porn and you’ve got nothing left, but if you take the sex out of erotica you still have the romance to enjoy, right?

When I started writing I began with contemporary romances, but then my muse steered me in the direction of Leather and Pleasure and a series of kinky shorts were born. For the fun of it I got my husband to read them as soon as I could get the ideas on to the page and had so much fun with it I decided to continue on with a few others, but his reaction to them was sort of funny when he said, “Holy shit, you aren’t really going to promote these are you?”

My reaction was, “Well yeah, why not?” and honestly my Leather and Pleasure series is my best selling work to date. Sex sells what can I say, and when you combine sex with a loving relationship you can never go wrong, no matter how kinky it is.

Writing erotic romances is not an easy task, and I enjoy it because not only do I get to unleash my inner dirty girl, which is fun, but I also get to write an amazing love story to go along with it. Emotions make the experience more fulfilling and I hate when people jump to conclusions about things they don’t understand, including this subject, where as I can shrug it off most of the time, some authors can get seriously offended when the two are compared.

So whether you’re into porn, erotica, a little of both, or none at all, I say don’t be so quick to put a label on it and just enjoy life.

Erotica vs. Porn, What’s your take on it? Answer the question in the comments section with your email address for a chance to win Leather and Pleasure, the first installment to my Leather and Pleasure series.

Best wishes,
Jennifer Labelle

Author Links:

The Leather and Pleasure series:
Leather and Pleasure,
Rowan Avery Walker is planning to surprise her husband after ten years of marriage. On their anniversary she decides to enact one of his most desired fantasies, and there's no traditional night out on the town for this couple. She's no stranger to role play, and when it comes to bedroom pleasures she likes to walk on the wild side. 
Ryder has never loved his wife more, and has a feeling that it'll be a night to remember. Starting off with unique gifts that peak his curiosity, his suspicions are confirmed when they pull up to their favourite members only club. Where desire lives, fantasies are enacted, and the words leather and pleasure take on a whole new meaning. Rowan makes it an anniversary he’ll never forget.

When Sparks Ignite (Leather and Pleasure 2),
Rhys Evans should feel on top. He’s got a booming business, money, and the subs are a dime a dozen in his ever growing, popular fetish club, Leather and Pleasure. So why is it that he feels unfulfilled? There’s something missing in his life, and it isn’t until he meets Eden that he realizes she’s the one he needs to ignite the passion that he lacks to go on.
Eden Mayer is tired of living her regular routine, and has been feeling way too lonely lately. So, when her best friend suggests she try out this new club she’s never heard of before, she decides to throw caution to the wind and check it out. What she’s met with is a night she’ll never forget, a new experience she vows to keep, and the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on. Rhys Evans makes it a night she’ll never forget.

Sinfully Sexy (Leather and Pleasure 3),
Two women, one man, a fetish club, and one sinfully sexy night together...
Sable Dixon and Lila Davis have been lovers since they started working at the ever popular fetish club Leather and Pleasure, but Lila has curiosities and would like to know how Sable feels about having a third join them sometime. Sable is all for it and quickly invites Parker into the mix. He’s good looking, respectful, sexy as hell and there’s no one else she’d rather share Lila with. One invitation turns into so much more where fantasies live, and one sinfully sexy night just may need a repeat.

Naughty Noel (Leather and Pleasure 4),
Noel Lewis has had a lot of firsts in her life, but this holiday season she’s making memorable. She’s the star of her first holiday performance at the fetish club she works at, Leather and Pleasure, and finds herself leading her first ménage a quatre for hundreds to see, unleashing her naughty side. Nervous at first, she soon realizes that she’s a natural on stage and aims to please.
Julian, Jake, and Josh love to be dominated, and when they get an offer to accompany the sexy new waitress to perform the holiday show, they all jump at the chance for different reasons. Jake, and Julian like to play the field, but Josh has secretly admired her since she started working there. So when the chemistry is so great between them while performing, he’s thrilled hoping it will help convince her that they’d be great together.

A Wicked Wager (Leather and Pleasure 5),
Kayla Evans returns home to open a new business and help out her family. She’s been away at school for too many years putting her life on hold, and she’s looking forward to living it again. She goes to the popular fetish club, Leather and Pleasure to meet with her older brother, the club’s owner, and is faced with a sexy as hell bouncer who refuses to let her in. With a mutual attraction and some chemistry they both can’t deny, Jake brings out her playful side, and wagers are made.
Jake Collins has worked at the club for years. He’s good friends with several co-workers, including his boss Rhys. So why is it he never knew about his sister? Kayla has him turned inside out almost immediately, laying all the cards on the table as she challenges him time and time again. She’s like no other woman he’s ever met and he’s determined to have her.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big Sale! Limited Time Offers!

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In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, Kiki Howell of An Author's Musings, would like to advise that in addition to purchasing my own books to review, I also receive books, and/or promotional materials, free of charge in return for an honest review, as do any guest reviewers.