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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reviews of Grit City Publications Emotobooks

Recently, an author friend pointed me toward Grit City Publications, Publishers of the Emotobook Revolution.  http://www.gritcitypublications.com/Grit_City_Publications/GCPHome.html What is an Emotobook? The definition on the Grit City Website defines it as: The term emotobook was conceived by GCP founder, Ron Gavalik, in 2011 to label our first exclusive tablet fiction medium, which heightens emotional awareness in stories. Emotobooks have a unique style and structure, unlike any other entertainment form. Abstract, emotionally provocative illustrations are tied into each story to depict what characters feel during peak moments of tension. These expressionistic elements provide both a cerebral and visual stimulation, which enhance the impact of the experience.

I was very intrigued being an author of dark paranormal and suspense stories myself.  And, after reading Grit City Issue #1, an Emotoserial, and Lingering in the Woods, a Emotosingle, I was not disappointed.

Let’s start with the Emotoserial, Grit City Issue #1  by Ron Gavalik

Blurb from Smashwords:
Grit City is a dark and calamitous world in the throes of self destruction. Dillon Galway, a freelance journalist and blogger, risks his life to expose violent corruption from the heights of skyscrapers to the depths of the underground. He relies on Alyssa Stephano (gun for hire) to help expose the perpetrators and deliver justice. 

My Review:
From the first page, I knew I would get hooked on this series for several reasons. First, the writing style is descriptive, a dark sort of poetic, gritty I must say in a literary way. I was drawn in immediately by the tone the language created, one modern, eerie, and realistic. The descriptions brought a believable depth to the setting. The main characters were tough but real, cynical but still goal-oriented hopeful. They both had drive, dreams, and did what they had to, to get by, to live life their way.

This was a suspense and horror-filled tale from one page to the next.  The setting of Grit City, the blog and newspaper writing characters, the bloody plot, it was all excellently executed. But, lets get to the illustrations in the story. They were vague, surreal, but poignant, open to reader interpretation, but still dead on, only enhancing the story being told. They gave me something more to focus on, something more to think through, adding to my own visualizations as I read. I always rate a story by how much it makes me “see”. This story was already creating clear pictures, but then added in its own from time to time.  They were great additions, a brilliant idea for the ebook era.

Okay, now onto Lingering in the Woods by Cynthia Raveinski

Blurb from Smashwords:
In the untamed wilds of ancient Finland, Chrigle is a young new shaman with a demanding chieftain. He is charged to provide safety over his tribe’s hunters and has much to prove. With only his Spirit Guide to consult, Chrigle must protect the hunters from the ravages of the forest and lead his chieftain and tribe across unfamiliar land, which brims with unknown dangers. 

My Review:
Already impressed with the first emotostory I read, Grit City, Lingering in the Woods was no different. The strength of the writing was consistent, edgy, even if this was a more magical, fantasy tale. The greatness of this tale was in the depictions of magic actually. The spells or rituals were complex, detailed in steps and tools used. The mythology was sound, and while different easy to follow, riding a nice balance with the suspense built of the unknown elements. I know personally how hard that is to achieve.

There were complicated relationships set up in this tale, ones that tugged on your heart, as well as incited other emotions. The plot was unique and engaging, the fantasy characters believable, the writing superb, the descriptions and illustrations wonderful. As an author with many pubs, I am very impressed with the caliber of authors Grit City has published. Seriously, that is one of the best compliments I can give.

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