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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chloe Jon Paul Reviews “Teaching Is…” by Marjan Glavac

Teaching Is… Blurb:

Teaching is made up of a series of moments.  Moments that are memorable disappear all too quickly, almost unnoticed.  Other moments linger, but are soon forgotten.

Memorable moments are the fuel for a teacher’s passion to teach, and to continue to teach when the challenges are almost overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable.

This book is a series of moments that inspire and motivate teachers to make a difference in spite of insurmountable challenges.

Book Review:

            As a retired teacher-turned-writer, I found this book to be an absolute treasure as it brought back so many memories for me.  My first thought was to order several copies of the book to give as gifts to teacher friends of mine – and that is exactly what I did!  This book makes a wonderful gift for any teacher at any grade level.

            Teaching Is…punctuated my own efforts to celebrate good teachers everywhere in my latest book.  I found it to be the perfect complement to my work.  I am certain that parents and students would love to know that there is a lovely gift waiting to be given to a favorite teacher.

            Marjan Glavac ends this marvelous little book with these words:

Teaching Is…Leaving school on a late Friday night exhausted, but knowing deep down that you made a difference.

            There is nothing more left to say except…Amen to that!

Word count: 236

Publisher: Printed in China

Book Reviewed By: Chloe Jon Paul

Author Bio:
Chloe Jon Paul, M.Ed., is a retired educator and writer of several published articles and a previous book entitled "What Happens Next: A Family Guide to Nursing Home Visits" and More...

Her many achievements since the age of 55 include:

-- Title of Ms. Maryland Senior America 2003
-- Recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship Seminars Abroad award to
South Africa, 1996
-- Volunteer internship during the 2005 Maryland legislative session as a Legacy Leadership Institute graduate
-- Lead facilitator for the Alternatives to Violence Project in prison and community workshops on conflict resolution for ten years
-- State representative for the National Family Caregivers Association's caregiver community action network 2006-2008
-- Advisory board member: MD, Healthcare Commission and the Interagency Commission for Aging Services: Maryland Dept. of Aging
-- Hospice and homeless shelter volunteer
-- Coordinator for the Good Samaritan Project at her church
-- World traveler - all 7 continents

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