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Monday, April 20, 2009

Brainpicking with Jennifer Campbell

Good Morning to Everyone, or should I say good evening...lol. Sorry my crazy sense of humor has struck once again. I'm a Vampire quite literally. I work the overnight shift and sleep during the day, and suspect I'm becoming allergic to sunlight.

Anyway I'm happy to be here today with Jennifer Campbell and greatly appreciate Kiki Howell for being generous enough to open her blog to us and think of this new creative way to take a peak inside of the mysterious author's mind. After all we have to all be a bit "touched" to come up with some of our plot lines. Some are just a bit more than others:)

I met Jennifer during my first round of edits for my novel, Just Between Friends. I was totally unprepared for the whirlwind ride I was about to take. Jennifer ripped it apart and help me put it back together, leaving me a bit dazed in the process but with a new found friend I knew would be honest with me, no matter how badly I screwed it up. So when I heard about Kiki's blog I jumped at it and dragged Jen along for the ride. Now I'm pleased to give you a glimpse inside of her mind in the first part of my two part "brain picking". The second will post on Thursday. So let the brain picking commence!

Dakota: When did you first start writing? What drew you to it?

Sadly, I wrote as a child and a young girl, but no one encouraged me and I needed someone to, so those writings were just for me. It was my Master and lover, Jack, who first encouraged my writing and then my attampts and eventual success at getting published, and now eight books later here we are.

Dakota: It sound wonderful that you have such a supportive Master/lover. Having his support must make all the difference in the world. Eight books! Wow! As ambitious as you are about your writing, how do you balance your time between work and your writing goals?

Coffee, Mountain Dew, and a desire to write. My arch enemy is the early morning shifts my job as an auditor sometimes demands of me. When I get several in a row like recently I get tired and can't write, but then I am crazy to get some sleep and write again because it's kinda like breathing for me. Also may I mention how supportive Jack still is of my writing by giving me the time to do it.

Dakota: Darn, I'm almost jealous of you. Jack sounds like a wonderful man. He's generousity even extends to your friends when they ask for feedback. Aside from helping me, have you had other authors approach you for information and help with their work? And do you enjoy it?

Yes, I've had a few mostly about BDSM, but I'll let them remain anonymous. Yes, I do enjoy it but I believe there's a hidden benefit for me in expanding my horizons. For example recently two fellow authors asked me to look over M/M BDSM books and it forced me to look at the differences between male subs and female subs as far as how they view their submission and D/s in general which was something I hadn't done.

Dakota: That must feel wonderful to have other authors come to you for advice, which leads me to my next question: Which author would you say has influenced you the most?

As far as my BDSM writing there is no question Adriana Arden's Alice Series for Nexus made me sit up and take notice. Her Alice is exactly the character I strive for every time out a girl who discovers she's a bondage and pain slut and isn't afraid to admit it.

Dakota: That sounds like a worthy goal to strive towards and also takes the reader along for an emotional ride as the character grows. But it also makes me wonder with your background a traditional happily ever after isn't the norm nor is the traditional candle lit dinner. So tell me what is your verison of a romantic evening?

It isn't going to sound romantic to most of you, but it involves Master and his imagination, chains, a cane or crop, and a powerful vibrator. The longer he keeps me on the edge the better it is to fall over.

Dakota: Sounds like he's crawled inside of your head and done a bit of picking himself...lol.

The next time I talk with Jen we'll be covering what she looks for in her female characters to what rituals she uses when she writes.

Thanks for joining us today and feel free to comment or ask any questions you'd like.

For more information if you can't wait til Thursday's post, Jen can be found on these sites.

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I can be found at these sites:

Dakota's Website
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Now I hear my bed calling but can't wait to hear from everyone when I creep out later this evening.

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  1. Thanks Jennifer and Dakota for your honesty and insight into your writing process!
    And, may I add - where would any of us be without caffeine?
    Looking forward to the rest of the week!


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