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Monday, April 13, 2009

D is for Desire

Jianne Carlo is my critique partner. I have to be very honest. When I started to read her first post I didn't think I could handle it. Jianne writes erotica.
In spite of my phobia I read it. It was amazing. Jianne weaves a story that was hard to put down.

D Is For Desire begins in Trinidad on Carnival Monday. I had never heard of Carnival. And at first I had visions of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. How wrong I was in thinking that. In Trinidad Carnival everyone is involved from the children to the elderly. It is a nationwide celebration, everyone gets involved.The first day people dance in the street 'Wining' against one another. Dirty dancing to the max. It's ll par of J'ouvert, a day of pure hedonism.
Jianne surprised me. This wonderful story takes you into the past, involves witches and kept me reading till my eyes almost fell out.

It's a sexy story of two people Dee, Desdemonia Bloom, and Alex Mayfield, who find themselves involved in intrigue and wonderful excitement and in the process fall in love. Jump into the mud with them and dance through the streets till you fall from sheer exhaustion. Drink tequela from someones belly button and tell me you don't feel it.

I really loved this story. I am a paranormal fan and appreciated the intricate web Jianne weaved to tell us this story, which is one of her series called Witchy Women. Each one is a story on its' own, but to read them all helps tie the whole premise together. Jianne you amaze me!

Here is a short excerpt:
The sound of rain spattering onto the French doors brought back a muffled reality. Alez tugged the blindfold off. He grinned at her and tossed the maroonmaterial to the side. "Maybe I should have used it as a gag."
'What? Why? Oh God , the balcony doors are open. Quick which side are we on?"She struggled to sit up and leand on her forearms. "Was I very loud?"
"Let's just say, your lungs are very healthy."
"Untie me." She cocked her head to one side. "How late is it? Everything's prettty quiet. Maybe everyone went home."
"There are over fifty armed men guarding the B&B sweetheart." He loosened the cotton from her feet and set his fists on his hips. "I'm certain I'm going to regret untying your hands" He did anyway and slid off the bed.
"Come on, get under the covers." He slipped the bedcovers down, picked up a fat pillow, and cuffed it int submission.
"Alex?" Dee rubbed one wrist. "What's srong?"
"You need your rest," he said. "Which side do you want? Do you realize we'e mever spent an entire night together? I have wanted to wake up with you in my arms for a long time."
He had no intentions of making love to her, she realized and all the champagne excitement bubbling inside fizzled into flatness.
"What was all that about never refusing you sex?" Dee glanced down at her swollen, protruding stomach. "It's me, isn't it? Because I 'm fat."
"God no." Alex climbed onto the bed knees first. He pressed a soft kiss on her navel. "I'm afraid of hurting you and the baby. I thinke we should see a doctor first." He tucked her head against his hard chest.
"You have a raging erection." Dee twirled a finger aroung the head of his shaft. "This is our wedding night. You promised me thirteen orgasms, and I've only had one."

Now try to put that down.
Jianne was born to an Indian father and a Hispanic mother. She grew up in a sity-by-forty Caribbean island full of cultural diversity. Jianne has a Bachelor's Degree in English and Sociology and a Master's in Management Science.
She married her college sweetheart and they have three wonderful sons, whom she is very close to. The only carbonated beverage she drinks is champagne. Yet she is down to earth and so approachable. I am pleased to call her my friend.
I am sorry I don't have the cover to post, Jianne is down with the flu. I will try to add it later if I can. For more information about Jianne's books go to her website www.jiannecarlo.com

More tomorrow!


  1. Hey Mary,

    Thanks for sharing D with everyone. Trinidad Carnival is a very erotic time.

    You did good,


  2. Wow, Mary! I have to agree after reading the excerpt...how could you possibly put it down.

  3. Mary,
    Wow! What an adventure to have Jianne as a critique partner! Her excerpts are always exciting.


  4. YIKES. HOT excerpt. Loved it

    How lucky you are to have Jianne as a critique partner!

    Good luck with sales, Jianne

  5. Wow! That is a great excerpt and hook. Must add to my TBR pile. You must love, love, love Jianne as a CP. ;-)

  6. Wow! Jianne does write steamy! I love it!

  7. Mary, what a nice presentation of D for Desire. It has an exotic setting and a special flavor. I can't wait to read it.

  8. Mary, you've a knack for writing this sort of post! I was glad to find out about Jianne's work and can't wait to read D for Desire after the intro and excerpt.

  9. Poor, Jianne! I had the flu last spring. Tell her not to fret. Her excerpt enchanted us all! ;) Skhye

  10. How fun, what a good post.

    P. L. Parker


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