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Monday, April 27, 2009

Small talk with Cinsearae and Christy

At the same time she interviewed me, I asked her some questions as well. Here is my chat with Cinsearae Santiago:

1 – Seeing as we’re both from roughly the same neck of the woods, what’s your take on Philly Sports? (I personally love both hockey teams.) Team?
I’ve never been much of a sports nut, although I like all our Philly team mascots – especially the Phantoms one. I was completely wowed when out baseball team won the trophy and just as happy that Kalas got to announce our win before he passed away.

2 – You write using Philly as your main setting – what are your favorite places in the city?
Hm, Fairmount Park come to mind first. Spots like Valley Green, and all the park areas surrounding Lincoln Drive are awesome too. I like Rittenhouse Square also, and the more ‘historical’ areas downtown, And the Penn’s Landing along the Delaware River, but that’s about it, lol.

3 – Have you located any of your books elsewhere?
I’ve tried one time, but that particular story never saw the light of day. It just didn’t feel real enough to me to be comfortable with it.

4 – Tell us a little about “Dark Gothic Resurrected”.
Dark Gothic Resurrected is a small-press magazine I created in my mid-twenties, that I used to roll right off the printers, lol. Now with the convenience of the internet, it’s become much more professional looking, with bigger exposure, lol. I started it to give seasoned (and especially) newbie writers and artists in the Gothic and Horror genres --who have a tough time getting published--a place to call home for their works. I truly understand how tough it is out there to become known. DGR can at least get their feet wet, lol. Folks can find out more at http://BloodTouch.Webs.Com/DarkGothicMagazine.htm

5 – Your comfort food is….
Ooo, I have a couple, strawberries with whipped cream, and French vanilla icecream! (at least that’s what it is right now, lol!)

6 - Your photography is amazing. What kind of camera do you use?
You’d never believe it, but a regular Sony Cybershot, with 4.1 mega pixels & 3x zoom. I touch them up a bit on my PC using Paint Shop Pro X.

7 – Newspapers or on-line news?
Hm, I’ll say both, but more online than newspaper.

8 – Tell us about “A Look Into the Mirror Darkly”.
“A Look Into the Mirror Darkly” is the fourth collection of short stories, art, and poetry by experienced and newbie writers within my Gratista Vampire Clan Yahoo Group. An anthology is published twice a year, in the Fall and Spring, each with a unique yet ‘dark’ theme. But this fall, I’ve decided to lighten things up a bit, and create an anthology with a ‘dark humor’ theme this go ‘round. The anthologies have piqued the interest of quite a few readers. Folks can catch book trailers and learn more about the group at Http://BloodTouch.Webs.Com/ClanAnthologies.htm

9 - Your tips for a new writer.
Do NOT ever give up. Always write, and always keep a pen and paper with you--you never know when the muse will strike--I’ve learned my lesson with that!--also pay attention to your surroundings and drifting conversations. You never know when you could use something in your next story! Share your writings with folks you can trust to be honest with their critiques. Don’t take rejection hard, or you’ll never make it. And STAY WAY from troll-like people and those with a knuckle-dragging mentality, no aspirations or dreams, and with negative attitudes all-around, as those are the ones who could care less about what you do and will bring you down in a heartbeat.

My review for The Abraxas Series: Books 1-3

Philadelphia—the City of Brotherly Love—unless you’re either a Primative or a Sophisticate in the Abraxas Clan. Ryan Price has been juggling both for two years though something—actually someone has been missing from his life and that of the Clan. Upheaval comes when Christine Vargas runs afoul of an out-of-control Primative, only instead of being like her maker, she’s so much more—and not taking it lightly. Together they work to straighten out both sides while coming to terms with her new found powers, his love and need for her as well as several out-and-out nasty enemies.
I usually am not one for first person writing but once I started The Abraxas Series: Books 1-3, I could not put it down and wanted more. Cinsearae Santiago writes a fast-paced spellbinding story that pulls you in and leaves you wondering what happens next. I personally am looking forward to Book 4 because I need to find out what happens next and if it is safe for me to go into the City of Philadelphia in the near future.
Way to go and if I had a scale, Abraxas would definitely be off it—it’s awesome.


  1. I agree. A writer should never give up and developing a thick skin will help deal with rejections. Even best selling authors have to deal with rejection.

  2. Absolutely! This field is VERY competitive, and you need that thick skin to keep afloat, or else how will others know about your works? (^_^)


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