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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And some interesting outlooks from Ryan and Christine of the Abraxas Clan.

For Ryan and Christine:

1 – Christine, what is it like going from under the radar, so to speak, to being titled royalty?
God, it’s too freakin’ weird. I’m still trying to get used to this. Don’t ask how long it’ll take either… I have no clue *sighs*. And I hate those goofy regal titles. I still don’t feel like I should be a part of all of this…but don’t tell Ryan that, lol.

2 – How are you handling your ready made family?
Oh, the guys are the absolute BEST, and Kiera is such a sweetheart. They ALL are! It almost feels like I’m living in one, huge, supernatural college dorm or something.

3 – I love your outlook on life. What shaped it?
My outlook BEFORE, or now? Lol. My outlook swings too much. Just when I think things are looking a little brighter, humanity proves otherwise. It’s kinda tough forming a solid opinion about that…

4 – Have you and Ryan discussed the future of the Primitives?
We have…and we’ve discovered something a bit quirky concerning the both of us since that whole fiasco with Natasha. It’s something we might not like, as it’s changed something in the both of us…unfortunately we’ll have to wait and see how it pans out…
Ryan: (rubbing her hand) We’ll be just fine, my love.

5 – Ryan, give us some insight into your background before your fatalistic run-in with Dianne.
Just your average businessman, my dear, nothing stellar or fantastic about it. I had a loving family, attended college, and earned a Bachleor’s in business education. From time to time, I’d fly overseas to take care of things there, but establishing a home office has helped immensely since my major--adjustment, so to speak. It keeps me closer to my ‘new’ family.

6 – Do you think you’ll be successful revamping (pardon the pun) city government in Philadelphia?
It might take some time, but we do hope to get it into tip-top shape. Things are chaotic enough with employment being so low and the economy so tumultuous …
Christine: Not to mention the few other jerk-offs in the other Clans being a pain in the ass about who’ll get to do it first. I mean, it’s not a friggin’ race, know what I mean?
Ryan: (sighing) Yes, my love, I know. (looking at interviewer) Tenacious one, isn’t she? (grins)

7 – Do you have plans to have a true family with Christine or is that not in the realm of possibility for a Sophisticate?
Although I would love to, I shall leave that up to Christine. I love her with ever fiber of my being, and I wouldn’t want to pressure her into something she wouldn’t feel comfortable with. The poor girl has been through enough as it is. (glances at Christine and hugs her to him)
Christine: Yep, exactly what he said.

8 – How far back in history does the Abraxas Clan lay claim to? How spread out is it?
As far as my Clan’s history is concerned, even I can’t answer that fully, my dear. The Scribes of our House would be the ones to answer that for you. Our House--the House of Arzel, is made up of four Clans--Logos, Sarga, Yazata, and mine--each clan with its own specialty, so to speak. One resides in New Jersey, one in New York, one in Media PA, and of course, my Clan in Philadelphia. Although a quarter of the House favors human enslavement, two quarters of the house believes in maintaining a peaceful balance with them, and preservation of the planet and mankind itself.


  1. Oh wow, this is cool, Christine and Ryan rock. Is it me, or is she a little cynical in this interview? LOL, but that's what I like about her. They're the most interesting couple I've read about so far!
    And I love this new info on clan stuff--plus her vague answer to number 4 has got me wondering now.... so when are you coming out with book 4, lady?! This series is like my personal 'book crack'! I'm jonesing for the next one!

  2. This is fantastic - and very creative! Exactly the different kind of thing that readers, who can't let the book go once it is over, are looking for. And, for those of who us haven't read it yet, we are dangling from the hook now. Thanks!

  3. LOL, you're welcome. I wish I could type faster for Ms. Collins (the purple Raven) but I can at least say book 4 will be out by June!


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