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Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome to Open Discussion Week!

Welcome from authors Jane E Jones and Kiki Howell! Please feel free to join us this week either by commenting or emailing me your answers.   See bottom of post for tomorrows question.
Thanks for stopping by, now on to today's question...

Monday, May 4
How old would you be if you did not know how old you were?

"Ageless or immortal like the vampires without the whole icky blood drinking thing, unless it came chocolate flavored."
Kiki Howell

"If I didn't know my age
I wouldn't be a number
I'd slow the pace and savor life
before my final slumber"
Jane E Jones

“16 again. Absolutely. Of course, that's assuming that I have the wisdom to choose a young age if I don't remember my 36 year old experiences!”
Suza Kates

“Age is subjective. Sometimes I can be all grown up, make sure things get done and responsibilities are met while other times I can still be like a child focused on the joy of the moment. Not that either is a bad thing, as long as you do both in moderation. Of course, moderation is a completely different issue…”
Molly Wens

"Twenty one. Old enough to be legal and young enough that I still know all the answers!"
Anne Kane

Tuesday's Question will be...
Tuesday May 5
Picture Prompt - Write three sentences that could be used in a first chapter of a story describing this character.
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