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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday May 5

Picture Prompt - Write three sentences that could be used in a first chapter of a story describing this character.


“His scanty glare accented the gleam of intolerance in his eyes, piercing the ache in her lungs with a subtle wave of heat, as she grappled for air.   Utterly unyielding in spite of her appeals, Gabe’s brief pull on his cigarette punctuated the urgency of the demands he had barked at her.  The obscurity of his true needs she would just have to live with.”

Kiki Howell


 "He melted back into the shadows, flinging his half-smoked cigarette away. Sooner or later, she'd have to leave the building. When she did, he'd be waiting."

Jane E Jones

 “His dark stare reached across the crowded dance hall through a haze of blue smoke and the strains of soft jazz.  Jayna knew him to be Chet Grey, the man her friends had spoken of; the man with eyes that bore into the soul like a drill.  The cigarette that dangled so carelessly from his lips was designed to make him look unconcerned, as if his dangerous eyes didn’t see her secrets, her desires, her darkest dreams.” 

Molly Wens 



"The look in his dark eyes reminded her of the eagles that nested high in mountain passes, cold and calculating. He took a long drag from  his cigarette before he ground it out beneath the heel of his well worn boot. Her heart sank as she wondered how she could convince this rebel to help her."  

Anne Kane


"His eyes spoke to me of a seductive, yet hidden danger if I dared to talk to him.But in those eyes was also a cold aloofness. He might be playing a game with me, taunting me, enticing me to play along. And, despite his rugged handsomeness, I was in no mood for such games."
Ms. Cinsearae S. 


 Tomorrow's question is...

Wednesday May 6

Who inspires you most to be better than you are?

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