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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Surrender Your Heart

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine Aherne. I write contemporary, sweet/sensual romance, and between now and May 15th, myself and Melissa Wathington, another contemporary author (and a fab one!) will be taking over this blog!

Thanks very much to Kiki for having us -today, I'd like to review Melissa's latest release, Surrender Your Heart, a compliation of two wonderful romance novellas, How do you say Goodbye, and Surrender.

Surrender Your Heart: Blurb

A duet of sensuous love stories sure to light a fire in you! In How Do You Say Good-bye? Jessica Allen is still heartbroken over her split from Alexander Galey, the man she thought was her future. When they come face to face, startling revelations are revealed, putting their whole relationship in question. Will they ever see each other the same way again or will they have to say goodbye once and for all to their love?

In Surrender, Monique Wurlin is determined if she works hard enough,maybe she could ignore the warm and crazy feelings that Jordan evokes when he looks at her with his heart in his eyes. She doesn't want to lose their special friendship and she most definitely doesn't want open herself up to possible heartache ever again. Can Jordan break down her barriers and help Monique surrender her heart?

How do you say Goodbye?
I loved this story. It made me so nostalgic for my teenage years – falling in love for the first time, a tentative first kiss, and all the ups and downs that come with young hearts. With this story of a love once so passionate, now lost, Melissa Wathington takes readers on an emotionally wrenching journey, taking us into the heads and hearts of Alex and Jessica, two people whose lives took twists and turns they hadn’t planned for. I totally recommend this short, sweet story, and I found myself rooting for both characters throughout. Both Alex and Jessica are vey relatable, making the mistakes so many people in love fall into. The writing style flows easily and the story moves at a fast pace, making it an ideal afternoon or evening read.

In the second half of Melissa Wathington’s short story duet, her flair for humour and comedy is showcased beautifully. This novella made me laugh from the first page, and I immediately sympathised with the overworked character of Monique. Monique works hard, and, for the most part, doesn’t have time for relationships - she's been burned before. Her close male friend, Jordan, is trying hard to unlock the doors to her heart. But Monique is worried about risking their friendship…. I was totally engrossed in this tale of treading the thin line between platonic friendship and something more. I loved the emotional intensity between Monique and Jordan and the plot twists had me unable to stop flipping pages until the end.


If you haven’t read anything by Melissa Wathington, I strongly recommend her work. You’ll fall in love with her characters and she’ll take you on an unforgettable journey.You can find out more about Melissa and see her catalog of books at http://www.melissaw.net/


  1. Thanks Jasmine, for the great review. I am so glad you enjoyed the book. Be on the look out in June for my new short story Prescription For Love. And thank you, Kiki, for letting us take over for a few days! : ) You will be hearing from me next week!

  2. Hi Guys!
    Melissa's stories sound wonderful! I am enthralled with the friends to lovers stories, as I lived one myself! We courted in letters for 10 months after college, were engaged 3 months after seeing each other again, and married 6 months after that. And, he is still my best friend 14 years and two kids later.

  3. Kiki that is so sweet! Ah, you really can have storybook love!


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