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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday May 7

Random Line Generator - Write four steamy sentences where two strangers meet for the first time using all of the following words: chair, willow tree, blatant, deviation and euphemism.  Variations or specific examples allowed! 

“He knew he would never forget the way she was sitting, one leg thrown over the arm of her chair with fall of the willow tree caressing every soft edge of her curves.  The blatant way her eyes deviated from his when she hid the blush of her cheeks behind her book, actually hardened him so that he wanted to impale that which was hidden beneath the bunched up fall of her skirt flowing between her thighs.   No, he would never forget this moment.   It was already imprinted in his memory as the day he finally spoke to the beautiful stranger he was in love with.”

Kiki Howell



"The breeze whispered through the leaves of the willow tree and drifted through the open window to stroke her bare skin. He pushed his chair back and grinned at her, his hot gaze sliding over her body in a blatant caress. Deviating from his usual paint 'em and ignore 'em plan, he crooked a finger. "Come sit on my lap...the light's better over here."
Jane E Jones


“She was a living, breathing euphemism for sex with her long hair trailing over her form like the fronds of a willow tree waving in the breeze.  Her graceful body draped over a chair in an almost cat-like manner—a blatant invitation to the man who watched from the shadows.  It was a deviation from his normal path, this spying, this disregard for her privacy as she ran her hands over her nude curves in the bright afternoon sun.  After all, he was her minister and she, a member of his flock.” 

Molly Wens 



She sat upon the slender branch of the willow tree as though it were a chair. The blatant invitation in her eyes caused heat to pool low in his groin, and he stalked across the grassy meadow that seperated him from his prey. His gaze never deviated from hers, and he didn't bother with euphemisms. "I'm going to sink my cock into your tight, hot pussy and ride you until you beg for mercy." 
Anne Kane



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