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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wanted: Summer "Reviews" ABA - Style

Help us with our summer reading!

I wanted to put out a request for some individual Authors By Authors “reviews/critiques” to post during those lazy days of summer.   If you have read a good story recently, these would be very easy to write up.   Or, do one for a story you have been dying to read or intent to read.   Please ask the author’s permission before doing the work.   This should be done professionally and for the benefit of both authors.   

Format to follow:                                            

1)    Book Blurb

2)    Your personal “review/critique” of the story from an author’s point of view.   Think – what did this author do really well?   Was it creation of characters, vivid descriptions, a well-created world of their own imagination, etc.?   I want to see more technical and creative reviews.   These are not to tell whether the book was good or bad, but to explain what the author’s gift is. 

3)    Up to three links for this author (would be best to ask them which they would like you to use)

4)    Up to 3 links for yourself

Just send the completed review to howell (dot) kiki (at) gmail (dot) com with a cover image (request from author) and the authors email (again request from author) so I can notify you both when it is posted.   As far as obtaining the story, if it is one you have not previously read, I would say use your best judgment.   You could boost the author’s sales or kindly request a copy explaining your intentions.  

I have a few scheduled to do myself, but I am also looking to do more.   So, if you would like this ex-English teacher's "review" *laughing* of your book,  email me a request. I will accomodate as many as I can.


Kiki Howell

Author of Magical Erotic Romances

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