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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Review of “Spyder” by David Fingerman

Blurb from Author’s Website:

Meet Spyder-a street-wise antihero of inner city society. Experience his strange wisdom, and his twisted sense of humor.

Spyder doesn't waste time thinking how much lower he can sink. When he finds his girlfriend dead as the result of drugs he supplied, Spyder contemplates his life and decides it's time to do what he's avoided most of his days-join mainstream society. All he needs to do is kick the drug habit, find a job, a place to live, and earn some money. Easy. He's done it hundreds of times, but never all at once.

As always, Fate steps in and knees him in the groin. All the dregs he's ever known want their say. George won't stop his pestering, Sal needs a huge favor, Coon is hunting for a certain arachnid, and Spyder's dealer doesn't want to lose one of his best customers. As things spiral out of control, Spyder tangles himself in a web so tight that even he might never be able to escape.

My Review:
Having read David Fingerman’s other books, I can say that I was holding him up to a pretty high standard when I started this book, and that I was not disappointed. I knew this novel was going to be another of his page-turners from the very beginning. I got caught up immediately in the character of Spyder, whose dark wit made the Who’s Who of skid row he met on his way home from work very entertaining even though it was stuff that should make you cringe. Okay, I have to give an example, because after this walk home, and a bunch of street thug like thoughts about drugs, whores, wanting to stab someone and not being able to keep a job, that go through Spyder’s mind, the book reads from his POV:

As I tightened the band around my arm and filled the syringe I became contemplative. What the hell had happened to this world? Am I the only decent person left? When did everyone else become such unfeeling assholes?

LOL! Now it is very rare that a book makes me laugh out loud. The dark humor was great in this one, and I found myself doing just that several times. Even at what should have been low moments, Mr. Fingerman never let the reader get too far down before Spyder’s thoughts and perceptions lightened things back up again. The guy had a hard life that just never gave him a break. His thinking is quite distorted, yet I felt true to life for his situation. Spyder was a very fleshed out character, and I found myself pulling for him while anxiously waiting to see what could possibly happen to the poor guy next.

Dark, tough, real, entertaining…this book was a great read!

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