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Friday, June 17, 2011

Bella Marie Reviews “Chronicles of Blood” by Martin C. Sharlow

Book Blurb:
This is a collection of all Sharlow's vampire romance novels up until this moment. This collection contains over 200,000 words at a lower price than purchasing the books separately. Consider it a treat for those who would like the entire collection!

The book includes

Fallen Blood
Tainted Blood
Shades of Twilight
Shades of Blood

Follow the stories of Brian and Heather in Fallen and Tainted Blood: Join them in their journey of self-discovery as they seek to free themselves from the men in black.

Join Melissa and her vampire protector Michael as they try to solve the mystery of their small town in the
Pacific Northwest. As people of the town begin to mysteriously disappear, will the blood that flows through her protector be enough to save her, or is it an even greater danger to her humanity? Find out in Shades of Twilight and Shades of Blood.

Book Review:
When I found Martin C. Sharlow’s books, I was a bit apprehensive about reading them at first.  I had not read many vampire novels up until then and thought it couldn’t hurt.  What ended up happening is that he got an instant fan by the time I put down his first book, Fallen Blood, wondering when the next one would be out.  I had a hard time putting it down for even a moment to be honest.  When he came out with the chronicles of all his books, I was thrilled mostly for his readers.  They are going to be able to get the whole collection in one book.

His characters are engaging and his descriptions of the scenes in his books are exceptional.  I was able to imagine what things around me looked like easily.  I think one of the things that I liked most about the Fallen Blood Series was that Brian has abilities that I had never heard of vampires having before.  I loved watching him grow into his powers, becoming more adept at using them.  The characters were engaging and I loved Bobby.  He reminds me of my grouchy old grandfather and was happy to see him in the second book in the series as well.

In the second series Shades of Twilight, my favorite part has to be not only the authors’ amazing imagination and ability to “show” his readers his unique characters but Melissa was a tad annoying in a sense, coming off whiney but she is a young woman.  She is thrown into circumstances that no one has ever had to deal with and she has a hard time handling it at first.  I enjoyed reading through the two books and seeing Melissa grow up.  I really loved the second book even more in this series, and that is uncommon in my experience.  I found myself on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.  I was so surprised at the end that I actually had to sit a moment and ended up only being able to describe the series as “WOW!”

For me, I totally love both series in this book.  The author has made me a lover of his writing and I wait somewhat patiently for his next book to come out.

Bella Marie

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Reviewed By:
Author Name: Bella Marie
Author Bio:
Bella Marie - Born May of 1966. Lives in the beautiful
Pacific Northwest, is a single mother of two grown children and one pre-teen. Favorite places include the beach, and any body of water which inspires her to write explicit adult erotic stories. She started writing stories for friends about 15 years ago who liked them so much, they encouraged her to publish them. She didn’t follow their advice until she became friends with an Indi Author, Martin Sharlow who encouraged her to publish them, mentoring her on how to do it while watching him become a successful author. She is working on her second published series at the moment.

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