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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Review of “The Elemental Journal: Composing Artful Expressions from Items Cast Aside” by Tammy Kushnir

Blurb from Amazon:

Create Expressive Books from Salvaged Treasures

Rusty doorknobs, cardboard containers and plastic packaging may seem like trash to some, but through the creative mind, they are transformed into beautiful expressions - equally parts artful book and assemblage. The Elemental

Journal will show you how to craft a wide variety of journals to hold your secrets or express your inner thoughts, and discover new ways to use wood, paper, fabric, plastic and metal in your art.

Peek inside The Elemental Journal and you will find...
15 stepped-out journal projects made from unusual materials and found objects, from tree bark to dismantled photo albums to tin boxes.
Tips for seeking out materials for your journals in flea markets, garage sales, and in your own attic or trash can.
Inspiring gallery projects from 9 contributing artists, including Susan Tuttle, Jen Osborn and Jill Berry.

One artist's trash is another's treasure. Discover yours with The Elemental Journal.

My Review:

This is my first ever review of a craft book, but not by far the first craft book I have ever owned or read. Feeling a bit out of my element not having plot or characters or setting to discuss, I am just going for a quite honest opinion. First, the book is absolutely beautiful.  I did enjoy looking through it. Second, the idea of it was great, using objects from nature or recycled materials to make something new. Third, the directions were easy to follow.

But, if I had looked at this book in a Borders or something, I would not have purchased it. The crafts all looked too much alike, and I buy craft books when there are so many good ideas in them that I have to take it home. If, like in the case of this book, they all look the same, I would have just taken that concept home with me, but maybe never realized anything from it except if it would come back to me unexpectedly when creating a project of my own down the road as inspiration.

So, is it worth a look, yes, it’s a beautiful book. Is it practical enough to buy, I would unfortunately have to say no, but again, that is just my opinion. Another crafter may think differently, and I have a friend in mind that I will show it too who may just think differently.  

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Reviewer's Note: I kind of like this reviewing craft books thing though. Anyone out there has one that needs reviewed, please contact me. My mom and I have pretty much tried all the crafts, but my favorite is knitting! Hint! Hint! LOL

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