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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Review of “Danvers Asylum” by Chrystian Marrero

Book Blurb:
Can you handle a stay at Danvers Asylum? Insanity is the only way out!

Welcome to Danvers State Insane Asylum, home to some of the most demented men and women in the country. Doctor Eugene Charles - head of the asylum and manager of its inner workings - has seen his share of insanity in the eyes of every patient residing behind the walls of his asylum. But the newest addition to his facility will redefine the meaning of insanity once and for all. John Stephenson, an American writer of horror/fiction, is about to publish his latest creation and the haunting, subliminal messages that go along with them. His books are the works of a madman and the hidden verses within them will change the lives of whoever reads them . . . including yours.
    Genre: Horror/Suspense
    Heat Level: 5+
    Pages: 121
    Release Date: July 01, 2011
    ISBN:  978-0-9876894-1-2

My Review:

Danvers Asylim is a dark and edgy horror story, a horrific tale of suspense with a touch of mystical mayhem and a whole lot of bloody domestic murders. Me, I can read anything, dark and shocking, fine with me. In fact, I enjoy a story like this one that is extremely unique and slightly bizarre because I don’t know what to expect next out of the creative mind of the author. And, in this story there was an order to the chaos, showing a plot line that was well thought out.

Of course, with a paranormal mystery to boot, I am a happy reader. Evil books and books inside books, I just love the concept. But, in this story, Chrystian Marrero went a step beyond that, making the voice of the book a character itself. Engaged in the story, I had to ask myself if I would be tempted to read such a book if it existed. And, I fear for the answer! LOL

A deeply psychological tale of a disturbed mind, one possessed by a sinister element, a voice directs the story, creates the setting, becomes a character in its own right and controls the other characters like puppets. I really appreciated the use of the text of the character's novels inside the story which were called into question in the murders, and the creative way the voice spoke in code through them. Yes, this probably makes no sense, but to say more would be to give away too much, and I wouldn’t want to kill the suspense, because this story didn’t exactly go as I was guessing it would – a good thing. As well, the literary tone used to the tell the tale lent itself to the haunting mental horror of this detailed plot.

Knowing I have a lot of different readers who read this blog, as far as recommendation goes, if words like dark, horror, suspense, bloody, demented, violent, etc don’t bother you, then I say go for it! Having said above that I read anything, and now having finished this story, let me admit that there were parts in this story that made even me squirm.

Author Info:

Author Page at Naughty Nights Press:

Author Bio:
Chrystian Marrero lives alongside his mother and two siblings in Coroza;, Puerto Rico. Chrystian is pursuing the goal of studying to practicing medicine at the University of Puerto Rico. With several posts on writing websites it was only a matter of time before someone wandered across the incredible writing of Chrystian Marrero!

NNP Owner, Gina Kincade did exactly that only a few short months ago and since then Chrystian has worked together with NNP to change his life forever and fulfill his life dream of a becoming published author with the release of his first book “Danvers Asylum.”

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