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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Review of Decima Rising by Jennifer Campbell - Reviewed by Kiki Howell

In Decima Rising, Jennifer Campbell lured me into a world of her own creation with the fluent ease of a seasoned writer. The comprehensive amount of details actualized the realm into more and more of a reality for me from its tolling bells and Ranexxian suns to the Kabora trees and hawthorn birds. It was ultimately refined with an age-old history and a belief in an after-life depicted in a painting through the eyes of a slave, providing her heroine with her inspired goals setting to up the plot.

Yet, within this world, it was Jennifer’s ability to build a character that connected me to this slave on a deep emotional level. As I bonded with Decima, hoping for the fulfillment of her fantasies even though they were impossible dreams, I found myself unable to read fast enough. The slave was personable, identifiable with lusts of her own, compassion for others and insatiable desires. Additionally, she was someone to strive to be like as she struggled to learn life’s lessons, took what pleasures she could, had a willingness to serve well and fought to be the best she could be in the lot she was given in life. But, be prepared, once Jennifer starts you on this impassioned journey, the twists and turns of the plot, as the world she created changes – rules broken, new agendas formed – will leave you breathless.

I have read erotic books about sex slaves before, but never have I been brought to such a level of fervent compassion and caring for a slave as I was for Decima. My heart broke and soared for her intermittently, and I found myself continuing to hope for her future even after I finished the final words of the surprise ending of this carnal read.

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