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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anne Kane's Stargazers: Wanton, Reviewed by Belinda McBride

When Tarik’s brother is captured by the Intergalactic Council, the handsome cyborg realizes he’ll need the help of a Stargazer if a rescue mission is to succeed. Problem is, as the leader of the rebellion he can’t just advertise for a Stargazer willing to flaunt the Intergalactic Council.
But when he kidnaps Krystal, he is completely unprepared for the irresistibly sexy young woman with a gentle soul. Now he’s torn between rescuing his brother and his growing attraction to the talented witch.

As we all know, writing a book is a challenge, but in my opinion, the novella is an even greater challenge for a writer. Pulling together a cohesive story within a very limited word count is no easy feat.
Add to that the task of building a world, as well as developing characters and a romance within a completely fictional setting, and you’ll find that a novella is sometimes more difficult to write than a full length novel.
In Stargazers: Wanton, Anne Kane has created a compelling world with a villainous governing council, a grass roots rebellion, and the intriguing people and aliens who inhabit this corner of the universe.
She’s created the Stargazers, a fascinating group of women who draw and manipulate power from the ley lines that connect the heavenly spheres. I am particularly fascinated by this element of the story, having read about the ley lines here on Earth.
In this story, the brother of Tarik has been kidnapped, and the rebel leader must in turn kidnap a Stargazer to help him locate and rescue Cynn. Krystal the Stargazer is certainly angered by the kidnapping, but willing to listen to Tarik’s story, and finally, to help the attractive cyborg. Their back stories are deftly presented, and the supporting characters are fascinating in their own right, yet they never overwhelm the story. Krystal is just the right balance of fiery anger and gentle femininity, and Tarik is clearly an alpha male, who is surprised to find himself falling for the Stargazer.
Wanton is a wonderful balance of action/adventure, and romance. I enjoyed watching the characters as they realized that against all odds, they were falling in love with one another.

There are unlimited possibilities with this series, and I look forward to reading the next installments of Stargazers.

Purchase the book: http://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=1115

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