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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Animal Instinct by Paige Tyler - Reviewed by Kiki Howell

Having always dreamed of living in Alaska, I was very excited to read Paige Tyler’s second in the Men of Alaska series, Animal Instinct. With her purple firewood flowers, cascading waterfalls and forests with trees so dense they almost blocked out the sun, I got to experience some of the magic and beauty that is Alaska.

And yet, it was her interplay between characters which most fascinated me. She was resourceful in her use of a minor character to delve deeper into the main character’s thoughts and desires. Sukie, the younger girl next door who Heidi was giving art lessons to, parroted the heroine’s consciousness, unashamed to tell it like it is. The angle of making the hero not only the heroine’s rescuer, but also her teacher and her salvation after her life is altered by a werewolf attack added to their struggle to come together. My favorite scene was when Luke had to convince Heidi weres do actually exist. Here while unsatisfied passions lingered, a lesson learned provided one of the turning points and the struggle to believe flirted with the element of danger.

The sex did more than bring the characters together and strengthen their relationship on a more intimate level. It actually helped build a reader’s knowledge of the characters by highlighting Luke’s special abilities as a shifter while adding to Heidi’s knowledge of and her adaptation to her new abilities.

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  1. Thanks so much for the fantastic review, Kiki! I'm so flattered you enjoyed the book!



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