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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Belle Star by Bellinda McBride - reviewed by Anne Kane

Belle Star, by author Belinda McBride is a thoroughly enjoyable romp through the future. I always love to see a strong capable heroine who knows how to take care of herself. Skinny blonde bimbos just aren’t my style, I find myself hoping the werewolf has them for breakfast. As an intergalactic bounty hunter, Belle Oakley is big and strong, with a wild mane of flaming red hair and a wardrobe full of deadly toys.

As an animal lover, I like the fact that Belle has a wolf for a traveling companion, and treats him as a partner. Tucker is a pivotal character in this amazing tale. McBride has developed a wonderfully plausible world inhabited by werewolves, hermaphrodites, spies, poachers, mysterious strangers and female sentient beings whose pheromones can throw a latent werewolf into her first heat.

Belle has never felt such an insatiable lust. Looking for some release from the sexual tension, she hooks up with a mouthwatering werewolf with the sexiest Cajun accent she’s ever heard. A long, very delicious night of sex brings her multiple orgasms and some much appreciated relief from her heat cycle.

I am impressed with how Belinda manages to juggle all the different threads of this story without leaving my head spinning. She skillfully weaves the back-story in amongst the details of the universe she’s created so that the reader feels comfortable with the various breeds of shifters and Belle’s quirky sense of humor. The sex scenes are hot, with just enough kink to keep them exciting.

All in all, this is one great read for anyone who enjoys shifters, science fiction, adventure and unconventional sexual content. I’m looking forward to many more books in this universe, and Belinda assures me she has some planned.


  1. This sounds right up my alley.
    I'm going to have to put it on my TBR list.
    I have read Belinda and love her writing.
    Sci-fi is one of my favorite Genres with
    werewolves being a close favorite too. You
    have them combined in one story and I'm there.

  2. What a fantastic book. I am adding it to my list.

  3. I love shifters, this is certainly going on my wishlist.


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