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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interview of Anne Kane by Krystal De Mylar

Hey Anne, good to see you again! I have just a few questions about you, me, Tarik and our book. Got some time?

For you Krystal, I have all the time in the world. Or the galaxy for that matter, LOL. I’ve missed hearing from you since your story was finished.

First I’d like know about ley lines, and how you came up with the idea of putting them in space. What sort of research did you do?

No research, really. Just a lot of daydreaming and a weird imagination. It was a what-if scenario. I always loved stories about the Druids and witches and how they could manipulate the powers of the ley lines. I put that together with my love of Science Fiction and came up with the Stargazers.

Have you ever encountered ley lines here on Earth?

Personally, I haven’t. I’m afraid I don’t have any talent in that direction. I do know people who can douse for water, and some who use the natural energies of the earth for healing, so I do believe they exist. I truly wish I were able to feel them.

I’m intrigued that Tarik is a cyborg. How did you decide to do that? Is he modeled after anyone here on Earth?

I didn’t decide, it was all his idea. That seems to happen a lot with you characters. I think I know all about you, and then when I start to tell your stories, all sorts of little details that I didn’t know start to appear on the pages.

How, and when did you decide to become a writer, and what drew you to erotic romance? What was it like to write your first erotic scene?

I’m not sure decide is the right word. I’ve always told stories and ffrom time to time wrote them down. The fall of 2007 was when I decided to get serious about writing, and try to actually write something and get it published. Angela Knights work was what drew me to erotic romance. I read some of her work and thought YES! I want to do that! Writing my first erotic scene was actually quite easy. I just imagined me as the heroine, and made sure I enjoyed myself. LOL

What was your first contract, and how did you feel when you first got notified that your book sold?

My first sale was to Changeling Press, for the novella Stranded on Earth. I was stunned. I’d convinced myself that it really wasn’t all that good and decided that as soon as I received the rejection, I’d rework it. I even had the areas that needed work marked off on my copy.
I must have gone back and read that e-mail offering me a contract a hundred times on the day I received it. I just couldn’t believe I’d actually been accepted!

What hints do you have for authors just starting out?

Believe in yourself, but don’t be too proud to take advice from anyone who’s willing to help you. I belong to a great critique group and they taught me a lot.

What men (and women) in this world do you think are absolutely hot?

All of them! Tarik is yummy, and Jazlyn and Bryce just send the temperature soaring, not to mention Tyler. Ryland, whom you’ll meet in Wild which releases July 17th, is totally hot. I’m glad I don’t have to choose between them, I’m not sure I could!
Other than me, (and Tarik, of course) who is your favorite hero/heroine that you’ve created?
I think I still have a soft spot for Jake and Liisa, the couple from Stranded on Earth. Jake is in the Space Militia and I just love a man in uniform. Liisa is a feisty redhead with a sense of humor, and the two send sparks flying right from Page one.

What else do you have planned for the Stargazers? Who’s story is next?

Anaya’s story is next. She stows away on a spaceship owned by a bounty hunter named Ryland. He mistakes her for an escaped sex slave and makes her an offer she can’t refuse: become his personal slave and he’ll let her stay onboard. These two have quite a time getting to know each other.

What else are you working on? Where can we go to find out more?

I have a story coming out July 6th in Changeling Press’s new multi-author series, Dawg Town. It’s a humorous series about a biker gang full of prairie dog shifters. I’m also working on a story for another multi author series called Sex and Chocolate. My story is called Seducing Destiny and it’ll be my first attempt at a werewolf story.

You can find out about my work, both available and coming soon at my website www.AnneKane.com or my blog www.annekane.wordpress.com

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