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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book Blitz for Author Marian L. Thomas

Author Introduction:

Marian L. Thomas is the author of, Color Me Jazzmyne and the new release, My
Father's Colors. She is also a community blogger for 11Alive.com and her
book, Color Me Jazzmyne was awarded as one of the Top 100 Books-1st Qtr
2010 by the Sankofa Literary Society Review. It was also nominated for
Book-of-Year by AAMBC. Marian is currently up for the AAMBC "Author of the
Year" award. Her new release, My Father's Colors has already reached #12
on the Amazon.com Best-Seller Soul List.

Author's Personal Thoughts Shared:

"There is nothing special about me, I am a woman, wife, and author who
resides in
Atlanta by way of Chicago. I love a man, who has supported me
and loved me back. I inherited the love for melodies tones from my mother,
and developed an ear for music from my father. My sister, made me cry when
she stated how much she was proud of me. My friends keep me grounded."

Book Introduction and Characters Revealed:

My Father's Colors-The Drama-Filled Journey of Naya Monà Continues, takes
you on the journey of four individuals that lead to one incredible
destination filled with betrayal, lies and shocking secrets.

Naya Monà  is back on another emotional and drama-filled roller coaster as
she finds herself  fighting to find her voice, discover her father's past
and search for her daughter.  How do you find a daughter you never knew
you gave birth to?

Then there's Chris—her husband. How far would one go for love? That is the
question that Chris wastes no time answering. He will do whatever it takes
to remove his wife’s pain, even if it means being the one to cause her the

Let's not forget Misty. Fame and Fortune have been the determining factor
for Misty ever sense her father passed away. How far will she go, this
time, to achieve it?

Introducing, Carl Thompson. Carl has found the love of his life, only she
doesn’t know it. Green eyes and hazel brown hair fill his dreams for the
future. Does he have enough love for the both of them?

Two Recent Reviews:

Review #1-Amazon.com

5.0 out of 5 stars - Amazing!,
February 15, 2011
By Pat M "Pat's Review" (
Raleigh, NC) -This review is from: My Father's
Colors-The Drama-Filled Journey of Naya Monà Continues (Kindle Edition)

"I titled this review amazing because as I read this book I was
continually amazed. Marian L. Thomas may be my new favorite author. I
could not put this book down and read it in just 2 sittings. Thomas is a
very talented writer. She has created a main character that you will never
forget. Let's hope she continues her story with book 3. Naya's life is not
only told so that we feel for her but we feel that we know her; her
thoughts, emotions, feelings, everything. I love when I can really know a
character. In this book, even the smaller characters are well developed
and well understood by the reader, even the one you will not like. I was
also amazed by the story. It has lots of surprises and it does get really
sad in many places. In other places the authors strong writing will cause
strong emotion to flow, even anger. Naya's life has been hard and even she
doesn't seem to realize just how much she has lost. This emotional story
is a wonderful book!"

Review #2-Amazon.com
5.0 out of 5 stars - A story filled with emotion, February 10, 2011
By Theresa Hurley (USA) - This review is from: My Father's Colors-The
Drama-Filled Journey of Naya Monà Continues (Hardcover)

"Although "My Father's Colors-The Drama-Filled Journey of Naya Mona
Continues" by Marian L. Thomas is the second book in the series of life's
journey of Naya Mona, it can easily be enjoyed as a stand-alone work. I
had not read the first novel by this talented new author, titled "Color Me
Jazzmyne" and I found "My Father's Colors" to be truly captivating. I was
not able to put the book down as I read the heart wrenching story of Naya
Mona, whose stage name was Jazzmyne, a Grammy winning jazz singer.

"My Father's Colors" is the story of a woman trying to come to terms
within herself with the man she once loved as her father, who raped her
when she was only 13 and then gave away her twin children to different
family members when they were born. Naya had seen her son for a brief
second and had never known she had even gave birth to her daughter.
Following her journey, I found myself filled with emotions as I read the
story of a mother's love as she found out the truth about her children.
Deceit, blackmail and cover-ups are all part of the story as Naya finds
out the truth about her parents, that she thought were dead, and of how
far her husband would go to protect her from the truth.

I couldn't wait to read "Color Me Jazzmyne" which I loved and am looking
forward to the next Naya Mona novel to learn about the colors that make up
the life of Simone, Naya's daughter. "My Father Colors" is a book that I
would highly recommend."

My Father's Colors-The Drama-Filled Journey of Naya Monà Continues  can be
found in paperback and hardcover on online retailers such as, Amazon.com,
Barnes & Noble.com, Borders, Kindle, Kobo, iBooks for iPad and Nook.

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