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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Kiki: What is your favorite genre to read in, and what is it about that genre that attracts you to it? If you like a specific mix of genres, please state that particular combination.
S.R.Claridge: My favorite genre to read is mystery and romantic suspense. 

Kiki: What is your favorite author to read in that genre, and why? Also, please tell me a little about the best book by that author you have read. 
S.R.Claridge: I don’t have one favorite author.  I love the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.  I enjoy many of Mary Higgins Clark novels as well as Nora Roberts. 

Kiki: What is the best book you read last month, and would you recommend it to a friend?
S.R.Claridge: I read several books in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich and I would and have recommended them to my friends.

Kiki: What are your reading habits like? For example, how many books do you read on average in a week, what format do you prefer to read in, what time of day do you read, and what setting is ideal for you to get lost in that book?
S.R.Claridge: How much I read depends on my writing and promotional schedule, as well as my kids practice and game schedules.  Most of my reading time is in the car waiting for practice to end.

Kiki: If pressed, could you chose a favorite from the books you have written? Why is it your favorite?
S.R.Claridge: I think my favorite is always the one on which I am currently working.  TETTERBAUM’S TRUTH is a favorite because it’s book one in a new mystery series I am doing.  I’m writing book two now and loving where the story is headed.  That being said, my heart will always hold a tender spot for NO EASY WAY, because it is a mystery with an underlying message of hope, faith and forgiveness to which I personally relate.     

Kiki: How do you become inspired to write? 
S.R.Claridge: Most the time it just hits me.  An idea pops in… or a word I hear triggers a thought which spawns a rapid fire of more words and more ideas.  It just takes off and I do my best to keep up.  J

Kiki: What part of the story do you think is your strength to write?
S.R.Claridge: Conversational sections.  I used to write scripts so my brain sees and hears the even the unspoken details of a conversation between characters.

Kiki: Please share with ABA readers something I did not think to ask you about.
S.R.Claridge: I am blessed to be a wife of 18 years and a mom of two kids… a girl and a boy. We have a dog named Gigi and live in Colorado.  I believe in the power of forgiveness and prayer and I know for certain that anything good in me is from God.
Author of  Tetterbaum’s Truth
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Book Blurb
Angel Martin plans to marry Tony and live happily ever after… until Tony disappears.  Nursing a broken heart, she takes a job at Tetterbaum’s Pub, unaware it is the most prestigious Mafia hangout in Chicago
In a world filled with a pretense of innocence and a past filled with iniquity, Angel’s life hangs in a twisted balance of deception and revenge. Through an unlikely turn of events, Angel discovers her entire life has been a carefully orchestrated lie. No one is who they say they are and everyone has an agenda of their own. 
  Finding herself in the middle of a revengeful scheme from a past she’s never known and a Mafia blackmail scandal that’s already left several dead, Angel races to find answers.  The trouble is, the closer she gets to hidden evidence and tainted truths, the more the crime families want her out of the way.  With her true identity now exposed, learning who she can trust becomes a matter of life and death and unraveling the past is her only hope for staying alive.


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