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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review of “Deliver Me From Hell” by Annie Fox

Deliver Me From Hell by Annie Fox

Imagine a near perfect marriage, a husband and wife who rarely fight. Okay, so Jillian is a little shy in the art of love making…but she desperately wants to please her husband and wants him to please her as well.

Brandon wonders what has got into his wife when a party for a friend turns into a partner-swap, and if that wasn't shocking enough, after an exhausted and bewildered Brandon falls asleep, he suddenly finds himself in hell-literally.

What price will there be to pay for all this unbridled pleasure?
Warnings: This title contains graphic language, F/F sex, and light submission.
Word Count: 12,391


I must start with a disclaimer that the swapping stories I have read you can count on one hand, but I like to expand my horizons, and the paranormal element to the story caught my attention.  Having an English degree, I do like it when a story makes me think, and this short does make you ponder the old adage, be careful what you wish for.

What started off as a cute swapping story quickly turned, leaving the reader a bit puzzled at first as I think was the authors intent, to add to the mystery of it all. Then came two profound italicized sentences ending the chapter, and soon a simple statement like, “Did you enjoy that?” makes you shudder and take  pause.  I found myself wondering if someone were handed ALL they let themselves fantasize about from cars to couches to sexual fantasies….would you be blissfully happy or would you find yourself in some sort of hell longing for the way it was before. All of this mystery is surrounded by sex and sexual innuendos, around which the characters question their desires.

I can’t say that all of the questions were cleared up in the end, and maybe they were not supposed to be. I know the struggle of dealing with such places as heaven and hell in writing, and I think the fun of it, is to play with the philosophies and ambiguities inherent with each.  Who could sum up the questions broached, especially the ones unwritten outright, in the story?  I am not even sure I know how I feel about the story yet, which I don’t think is a bad thing. I like to be kind of set on edge, mind reeling. I can say that I am not sorry I read it, and I look forward to seeing what this author comes up with next.

I went to the author after that wanting to know what inspired this story, what else she has written, and why she took on such a subject?
And here is the answer she kindly gave me... 

I get most of my story lines from my Dreams...or nightmares. Usually I wake up and say..."Wow, I think that would make a good book". So, I jump up from my bed and run to the computer and start typing. I have to be quick, you know how dreams fade fast. When I started "Deliver me from Hell" It began in hell, I wrote that part and then went back and started from the beginning.

This novella was released February 8th, as an ebook, by Excessica publishing. I have written another short story for Selena Kitt's anthology called "Snow White". No, she doesn't do the seven dwarfs. She does give the prince a run for the money.

I have completed my next book and am working on finding a publisher. It is called "Sex by the Letter"

Thanks, Annie!

Reviewed By:
Kiki Howell
Author of Magical Erotic Romances

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