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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Review of "Scarlet Myst" by Jade Twilight

Scarlet Myst by Jade Twilight
Length: 54 pages 
Genre: Erotic suspense 
Warnings: Violence, language, BDSM, kidnapping 

Erin Calean, Aka Myst, works for the Scarlet Arm. A brothel for the wealthy and those pretending to be wealthy. But things aren't always what they seem, the girls at the Scarlet Arms are trained killers. Beautiful and deadly.

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Pure erotica with a whole mix of mob ties, power plays and family scandal… Scarlet Myst is suspense and sex in a tense short assignment, a comparison this read rightly deserves.  The character’s were well thought out and numerous. There was a depth to many of the characters despite the shortness of the work. Again, I wanted to know more and more about them, but they also gave the story surprising twists and turns, never letting go of its edgy and tense atmosphere.  I would be lying if I didn’t say I wanted more at each of those twists and turns, but to me that is a sign of a good writer—one I hope to read more from soon. I swear there was enough condensed into this tale to fill a novel, a novel I would definitely read!

Reviewed By:
Kiki Howell
Author of Magical Erotic Romances

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