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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reviews for Jennifer Labelle's Spice It Up Series

Blurb and My Review for Finding His Something Spicy, Spice It Up Book 2

Rafe Zakas had no intention of settling down until he met and fell hard for his two closest friends, Nathan and Heidi. But, their perfect trio fell apart when Nathan got a job offer he couldn’t refuse, relocating them. Rafe soon realizes there’s something missing in his life, and decides he needs to find his own something spicy to fill the void. She’s got to be open minded and love him for him, kinkiness included, and he hopes to soon turn their trio into a quartet with Heidi’s help.

Zoey Appleby was content with being single, until her good friend Heidi sets her up with this gorgeous Greek Adonis named Rafe. He awakens desires in her she never knew were there, and introduces her to a whole new lifestyle. Shy at first Zoey has some choices to make, will it be a new love, or the life she’s used to?

My Review:
In Finding His Something Spicy, Jennifer Labelle’s Second story in the Spice It Up series, again the reader is pulled into the intense and steamy world of Rafe, Heidi and Nathan. I loved the trio in Book 1, and was thrilled to get to read more about them again in this second story. This series works just like one should in my opinion, leaving the reader happy at the end of book 1 but with an element of the story line not quite wrapped up, then come back and address that in book 2.  

For me, this was Rafe’s story even though all three plus a female addition are central characters, it was his emotions which were at stake. Which leads me to another point, as I am always pointing out with Labelle’s books, she is amazing with her portrayals of the rich emotional lives of her characters. This book is no exception. And in this series, I was really impressed at the emotional entanglement of the trio, the way their feelings are all so dependent upon how they are all doing.

I won’t give anything away, but if you loved Book 1, then I know you are dying to get Book 2 and I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed. If you haven’t yet read Book 1, I suggest buying both and then settling in for one hot night with these two short reads.

Blurb and My Review for Spice It Up:
Heidi Taylor has fallen in love with a man who is off limits. He’s her best friend, and she’s afraid to tell him how she really feels. So when she hits a dry spell in her romantic life, Nathan makes it his duty to spice things up for her, shocking her, and making her true feelings known.

Nathan De Costa met the most amazing woman alive three years ago when he placed a roommate wanted ad in the newspaper. He’s secretly loved Heidi for almost two years, and decides to make his move once her love life hits a rough patch. The problem is that his sexual tastes are risqué and he’s not sure that Heidi would be able to keep up. She shocks him by becoming everything he’s ever wanted and more, but it’ll take almost losing her for good before he finally makes her his, permanently.

My Review:
It is no secret what a fan I am of Jennifer Labelle's work. In fact, in my mind I call her the Mistress of Emotions, as I know each time I begin reading on of her stories that I am in for an emotional ride. And, having started reading with her novel "Meant to Be" and moving into her Leather and Pleasure series, I have to say that with each books things just get spicier too. With "Spice It Up" Ms. Labelle created a unique set up and gave it the sexiest resolution yet. And it came with all the emotional twists and turns and bumps in the road that I expect from this author. There was a few moments that I went from feeling sorry for Nathan to thinking him a jerk and back again, and I appreciate the reality of emotions that this author brings to her works. They capture me, take me on a new roller coaster each time. 

Recommend this story? It goes without saying! I'm always up for a new Labelle tale :) 

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