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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Adult Only! A Steampunk Big Bliss Kiss for Valentine’s Day – Kiki Howell

I’m participating in the BIG Blisse Kiss! It’s the first super snogtastic sunday were those who stop at the blogs involved can enjoy Kisse Exceprts, Prizes and More. Keep checking the site, http://blissekiss.co.uk/, out throughout the day for links to more Kisses.

My Steampunk Kiss between a Vampire and a Witch from Love, Creativity and Magick: A Steampunk Valentine's Day Tale:

“Yes,” the word came out in a rush of breath before her mind could even process all he had offered her, what it meant to agree. With one word she had unleashed this monster upon her body. Of this she was well aware, anxious and excited, rather than scared. The only thing, which truly disquieted her was the absolute discrepancy of the matter.

Before she could even brace herself for his next move, now that he had her permission to do whatever he wished, her clothing fell in shreds at her feet, and she stood naked before him. Looking down, lace, silk, corset, everything laid in a puddle about her feet. The puddle could not be a truer statement since her gown, though fortunately not one of her favorites, had been an aquamarine blue. Her tiny slippers were even covered by the pile of once fine linens. The beige inexpressibles in strips looked like the foam upon the sea.

The dress had been a gift from her mother. What explanation would she have for the shape it was in now? She couldn’t worry upon it now. The cut of the thing had exposed her breasts a little more than even she had been comfortable with just hours ago.

In this moment, they stood out proud, her nipples hard. The rush of heat through her body had her look away from his gaze down at the floor again.

“Emma, don’t look away. You are so perfect, so beautiful.”

Her nerve endings, every single one it felt, came alive, like they were exposed as well, making her skin throb in want of touch, the all-consuming brand of a perilous want indulged. Even with all she’d been told, at the end of her seasons still unmatched for marriage, she was an innocent. That was about to change. She welcomed being made a woman.

Emma found herself being lifted by powerful hands before her body was draped over a chair in front of the fire. One leg he caught with his hand, making it fall toward the floor, spreading her thighs open in invitation to his whims. Wanton, she felt no anxiety, no threat of remorse. Oddly unshaken by this change of events, she laid perfectly still, perfectly exposed. Instead her body pulsed in need of this man’s, this vampire’s touch.

As if he could read her thoughts, and what did she know of his kind really but rumors, warnings to stay away, maybe like they claimed, he could. His fingers brushed over her skin with a powerful lightness. The chill of his flesh juxtaposed with the heat coming from the flames in the fireplace. His kiss stifled her cry, but not the shudder of her limps.

She felt his garments move over her exposed flesh one second, then the next, his lips brushed hers, a gentle caress of skin against skin as if she were a china doll he could easily break. Maybe he could. She had heard talk of their strength, beyond that of any human. With his hands braced on the chair on either side of her, his mouth traveled, a light kiss on her chin, a nibble without fangs on her neck, the draw of his tongue over the skin above her breasts. Her tight nipples rose up to meet him as she fought for breath.

For more information on Love, Creativity & Magick, A Steampunk Valentine’s Day Tale go to http://www.kikihowell.com/2011/12/love-creativity-magick-steampunk.html

My Prize:

A PDF copy of my other Valentine’s Day release, Sacred Sex. Just comment below to enter. Please leave me a way to get in contact with you if you win.

Sacred Sex Blurb:
Just a few days before Valentine’s Day, Margaret visits her aunt’s craft consignment shop hoping for a spell or oil, and any advice on how to re-connect with her husband, Michael, who has become distant since losing his job. Determined to save her marriage, she gets more than she bargained for from Aunt Minny, a practicing witch. Armed with recipes to enhance love,  a massage oil type love potion, a new Valentine’s Day candle and a book on Sacred Sex Rituals, Margaret prepares to seduce her husband.

But, his initial reaction is not what she planned for…

Follow Margaret and Michael on a holiday of love journey, a throwback to the kinky pagan sex rituals once practiced long ago on this day before it was named after a saint.  You may want to take notes to enhance your own Valentine's Day this year!


  1. Hi Kiki

    Loved your story and you know i'm a Kiki book fan...but, i didn't comment to win, just to let you know if there was a vote, you'd have mine.

    Mimi Wolske

  2. Ah, Mimi, that was so sweet of you to stop by and say. You just made my day :)

    Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. Thanks for joining in the Big Blisse Kiss with such a sexy snog!

  4. Your'e a new author to me and it looks like I've been missing something!
    Enjoy the excerpt.
    mcv111 at hotmail(dot)com

  5. Hi Kiki, Your book looks amazing and you are a new author to me. I plan to check out your work :)

    brandyzbooks at yahoo dot com

  6. This book sounds very good.


  7. I haven't gotten to read any of your books yet but I would like to. Thanks for the post and giveaway.

    Rachel V
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