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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Review of Three Little Wonders: An Adoption Story by David H. Burton


Together for ten years, David and his partner made the decision to become dads. Figuring out they wanted to adopt was easy, the waiting and complications along the way were not. Follow their journey as this same-sex couple tried to start their family and prevent three brothers from being separated.

A heart-warming tale of two dads and their Three Little Wonders.

My Review:

This very personal and very detailed story is essentially one about love, all the ways it can be found and shared. To me it seemed a tale of two heroes, a same-sex couple who had enough love between them to shower it on three boys who needed a few heroes in their lives so that they could remain together.

This story shows the in and outs, all the aspects of life, of the law, which go into adoption. Its already a very delicate process, but for a same-sex couple complications can increase. This couple met them all and then some. Which leads me to what I liked most about this story, not just the honesty and the valuable information provided, but how the author included all he has learned from his three little wonders. It provided a great ending to a great story about parenting. Children are gifts, and when looked at that way, our lives can be so greatly enriched by them.  

This story is living proof that families can come in all shapes and sizes in a beautiful and miraculous way. Mr. Burton seems truly like a man who stops to embrace all life hands him and to be grateful for all that is around him as well. In this day and age, this is a story everyone can learn from – I found myself encouraged to be a better parent, a better person after reading it. All that matters in a family is the unconditional love that is at the foundation and everything else just works itself out. The love, the learning, a great life, it goes both ways between parent and child if fostered in just the right way. Thanks for the reminder :) Thanks for sharing.

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