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Sunday, October 9, 2011

"What Are You Afraid Of?" Pre-Release Giveaway Contest

What Are You Afraid Of ? BLURB:
“Why does the night have to be so dark?” the big dog named Drake gave a low bark.

Not everyone likes Halloween. In fact, the big dog named Drake is afraid of the costumes and the decorations and the dark. He really only likes the candy his boy drops.

Lucky for Drake, the old dog named Zoe is there to help him forget his fears with a fun game.

Drake and Zoe can’t wait for you to play along. 
Publisher: http://www.dancingwithbearpublishing.com/
Release Date: October 15th, 2011

Note to the Parents From The Author about the Book :
What Are You Afraid Of? is more than a story to help children overcome their fears. What Are You Afraid Of? is a book about acknowledging a children's fears and dealing with them in ways that do not stifle a child's imagination and creativity. So, indulge me while I state a few ideas. Children can easily be made to feel small and defenseless in this big world, while at the same time, children have very vivid imaginations, which can cause further anxiety over things that are intangible, confusing, and scary. Therefore, how we deal with a child's fears may have tremendous implications on how we foster, or hinder, their creative growth. 

While fear can be a manifestation of imagination, so too can compassion and empathy. Compassion is a product of the imagination as well, being able to ‘see’ ourselves in another’s shoes. So, it only stands to reason, that if we stifle the imagination, we may be stifling the child’s potential to care for the world around him later on. A creative mind is a terrible thing to waste. We all know that fears or phobias cannot be easily coerced away by mere rational or logical arguments. Instead, it seems a better approach to acknowledge a child's fears and show him or her that you know how he or she feels. 

We can try to diminish the fears by making light of it and making the child laugh. Ah, laughter is the best medicine! I have read psychologists who recommend playing with fears by role playing until the child laughs or by drawing silly pictures of the object of the fear with the same intention. With all of this in mind, I came up with this story. I hope the idea of a big dog being afraid of witches and ghosts is silly enough to begin with, along with the playful Halloween-ish images and the funny rhyming patterns. But more, I hope the games the old comes up with will be games your child can also play to eliminate his or her own fears. Most of all, I wish for you and your child to enjoy the story. May you laugh!

Oct 9 – 14  with Winner Announced on Release Day, Oct 15 
Autographed copy of the book What Are You Afraid Of?, A Special Drake & Zoe Coloring Page, A Drake & Zoe Tote Bag and Candy
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  1. Super giveaway i would love to win


  2. I would love to have this prize- my five year old is afraid of the dark

  3. Thanks for the great giveaway! And what cute doggies!!

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  4. This is a great book. I think that it is wonderful to help children work through their fears. At some point, everyone is afraid of something, the important thing is learning to deal with the fear. My nephews (ages 4 to 11) would like this.

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