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Friday, October 14, 2011


Favorite Genre(s):
Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance (particularly anything to do with Highlanders), and Erotic Romance (Kink is a good thing, restraints are our friend J)

List of at least 5 Favorite Books in that Genre:
The Colter series (erotic)
The Sweet series (erotic)
Masters of the Shadowlands (erotic)
The Reluctant Dom (kinky!)
Rough Riders series

Favorite Author in that Genre, and Favorite Book by that Author:
I am particularly fond of the Masters of the Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair. She writes kink like nobody’s business and her characters are memorable and endearing. Her story lines are well researched and believable. In fact, she makes me want to take a trip to the Shadowlands to hook up with one of her yummy Doms.

Favorite Book of All Time:
I can honestly say I don’t have one single title that I go back to constantly. It takes a lot to stir me and while I have a few titles that do, none that I can say if I were on a deserted island that would be one of my three allotted items.

Favorite Book Read Last Month:
All Jacked Up by Lorelei James

Favorite Book You Wrote:
Bound by Trust
I love writing about characters with real issues and complications in their lives. Madi and Rafe are all that and more. Bound by Trust is a very heartfelt story about a war widow. At times it was actually hard to write, but being as I’m a military wife I needed to write it as so many people don’t know or understand the inner workings of what we go through on a daily basis and few see or fathom what going through a loss is like. I’ve seen it first hand and wanted to tell it and tell it well, and from a bit of a different perspective that hardly anyone realizes may even exist.

Give Us One More Favorite Thing Beyond Books:
Steel Magnolias—Sometimes I wish I had a Weeser to slap.

About the Author:
Lila Munro
Writing one realmantic moment at a time…

Book Information:
The Executive Officer’s Wife
Target: Libby Calhoun. She’s independent and strong-willed, the daughter of a near infamous Marine Corps sniper. Libby’s been raised by the resident housekeeper, has learned to take care of herself over the years and doesn’t take crap off anyone. She’s also sassy and pretty darn cute. After one failed marriage she’s not in the market for love, a husband or any semblance of children. One night of hot sex should do it but that pesky situation with her father is making that near impossible.

Security Agent: Chase Wayland. He’s not looking for love either but his golden-eyes sure can lure a girl in. Chase is a former Marine turned owner of his own security firm. He also has a failed marriage under his belt and trust isn’t in his vocabulary. There’s only one way in Chase’s world and that’s his way, whether anyone else agrees or not.

Can these two live under the same roof after the incident? Chase seems to think so, as long as they ignore each other, play by his strict 'business only' policy and he makes Libby hate him. Libby thinks so, too, but she wants to do things her way. And her way means Chase’s resolve to be a good guy will be stretched to its limits, especially when she takes to the town in her red boots…

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