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Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Blurb for My Nemesis The Mind's Eye Volume One

Staggering to her feet and straightening her disheveled blouse. Joy confronted Darrin as if she had just walked onto the scene.

“The police were here, what did they say?” An obviously discombobulated Joy questioned.

“They are gone Joy. Your husband and children perished…,” Darrin’s voice trailed off to a solemn whisper as he was on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

The wake of a horrific storm sends the Anderson Family into turmoil. When a series of catastrophic events unlock the secrets of Pandora’s Box, Joy Anderson falls prey to the seduction of psychotherapy drugs. The grief sends Joy’s shattered soul into a whirlwind of emotional distress. 
Unable to cope with the loss of her family, Mrs. Anderson awakes to find herself strapped to a bed, afraid of her own reflection.  Joy’s delusional sightings of her children and husband, pave way for Joys hidden persona to arise.
Joy’s fragile subconscious has a frightful opposing personality. She is less than pragmatic, but rather that of an inventive spirit. Her seductive foe is born and dominates the state of affairs that she looks to suppress. Joy’s alter ego takes action against the hoarding mongrels that claim to have her best interest at heart. Joy battles her conscious ability to understand the circumstance of life and death. However her instincts tell her that her family is alive and are in need of help. Joy and Lillian come to a head as they battle one another in their beliefs of right and wrong, the truths the mind hides in order to maintain a sense of integrity and human social acceptance. Joy is not only in search for her family but now in search of the truths in her heart in order to shed light to the secrets of the mind’s eye.
Samantha, Joy’s younger sister, is faced with a chance to live beyond her sister’s shadow she must either choose to save Joy from her behavioral dysfunctions or her already troublesome marriage.
This novel is filled with secret alliances, furtive relationships, and clock-and-dagger affiliates. Witness the drama, deception, and seduction, hidden within the pages of this mystery suspense tale, as we discover just who Joy’s nemesis is.
 Available at various sites amazon.com/978-1461050575 and amazon.com/978-1461067962

Blurb For My Nemesis Vengenance is Mine Volume Two

“Dear God, Why Has Thou forsaken me? Why must I stay to die…alone in the hellish ways of this world? What am I to do with this life, now that all I have loved and cherished has perished?”
The mind’s eye began with Joy’s loss of sensibility after her family is taken by the storm. Joy may appear crazy but she will not be taken advantage of, not if Lillian Andrew’s has anything to say about it.
As Volume II begins Joy fights to decipher between her lust for revenge and the good natures she longs to promote as she clings to her need for attention and heroism.
Now that Lillian has made her debut Joy must decide whether Lillian’s shenanigans are warranted. Joy seeks comfort in her mirrored friend and begins to see just what her husband and conscious warned her about from the beginning. A hostile takeover is a foot as whispers of a million dollar check spark a loud chatter. Rumors of debt to some rather unsavory personalities, turn decent natures into scandalous rogues, desperation befalls party’s trying to relinquish the debt. A plan is put into action to discredit Joy’s legitimate rights to ascertain the rights as sole beneficiary to Justin’s estate.
Sam conjures a plan to get out of debt and build a nest egg of her own. The truth unfolds as vengeful acts birth a sibling rivalry that tests the line between love and hate. The saga continues as Joy uncovers the myths of her family history and unveils the identity of her true Nemesis.

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