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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Blood and Dust by D. McEntire

This story put vampires into a unique time period for me, my first paranormal western, and I liked it. The story lives up to it’s quintessential title, Blood and Dust. The language and descriptions set not only the scene but the time. Splashes of rancher dialect spices the story so well you can almost smell the longhorns and feel the dust on your face. The situations of the era were realistically depicted. McEntire has quite a talent for incorporating the details of life into the story. I think this serves to keep the reader set in reality while also being able to pull the paranormal elements of the world she has created into it flawlessly.

D. McEntire writes a nice vampire tale. The realities of their struggles to live among people - no sugar-coatings or minimizing devices are used – just the harsh realties – sunlight burns, they die without blood, fangs elongate at the worst times, etc. Some retain more of their humanity while others are just monsters. Just the way I like it. As they say, no sparkly vamps here! LOL

As always, a long time fan now of McEntire’s work, her subtle building of  suspense did not disappoint.  She knows how to keep a reader reading. Things hinted at like painful memories, a sadistic brother, loss, all which put the heroine in the situation she is in kept me reading. And when the climax comes, the author pushed the limits of the hero and heroine. They never get off easy. I like that, not being able to guess what is coming around every turn. I’m good knowing I am getting a happy ending, I just want to be surprised on how it is going to be achieved.

Well-written and suspenseful, McEntire’s stories are as sexy as they are romantic with sexual tension abundantly provided. I find myself holding my breath at times, reading furiously. This keeps me coming back to this author’s work. Yet, don’t be fooled, getting some satisfaction in this area never ends the suspense. More roadblocks are coming for the hero and heroine, a few more evil, bloody ones along with some more heartbreak…but I shall say no more…

Book Information from Authors Website http://www.dmcentire.com/OtherBooks.html

Blood and Dust

Silver Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-920468-15-6
Paranormal Romance

When Brody McAllister set out on a task he has done since his youth—driving longhorns along 
the trail from Texas to Kansas—the last thing he expected to find along the way is a beautiful 

woman dressed in men’s clothing. The tale of her brother depositing her in the untamed land, 
alone and hungry, has him fired up and ready to do whatever he has to do to see to her safety.

Finding herself abandoned in the middle of nowhere was bad enough for Brianna Wallace. She 
was used to city life, but that’s not the worst of her worries. She is a vampire. When a handsome 
cattle driver literally scoops her up and takes her along on his journey, Bri fights to keep her 
heart and her secret to herself, but loses both battles. The sudden reappearance of her brother to 
force her aid in his return to New York threatens to solve her Brody dilemma by taking her away 
and most likely, ending her life. Either way, she may never see Brody again.

Warning: Contains steamy hotel sex, unlawful use of a dental instrument, blood and dust. 

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