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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Bloody Valentine Contest

Happy Valentine's Day! 
To celebrate, I wanted to have a short, but sweet contest. 

What you win: Print copy of Bloodlust & Redemption, my historical, vampire, erotic romance novella, and a hand-knit-by-author red heart book thong. 

How you enter: Send an email to howell.kiki@gmail.com with "My Bloody Valentine" in the Subject line. That's all! Contest ends Valentine's Day at midnight. On Tues I will reply to the winning email for a snail mail address. 

Bloodlust & Redemption Blurb: Conflicted by his ideas of fate and morality, David Ardington IV, who had been a rake in life, sees his eternal life as a vampire as a penance for shirking his noblesse oblige to his family when he was alive. 

When he meets Margaret, a sturdy maiden who after losing her parents in a tragic accident stifled her own needs to care for her sick brother, their attraction is immediate and undeniable. And yet, David fights his feelings for Margaret seeing her as the worst reminder of what he is and what he can never be again. In the midst of the cruel realities of his vampire existence, David fears for her safety unsure if he can keep separate his physical longings from his bloodlust.

Furthermore, when Margaret asks him to turn her brother to give him a second chance at life, he does not feel he can condemn anyone to the horrors of his dark existence either. For David, could redemption lie in doing the unthinkable Margaret asks of him, or will it forever be elusive?

“A great little piece of writing I had the pleasure to peruse over the weekend was Kiki Howell's Bloodlust and Redemption.

This short read takes place during the Regency period in 
England, though thankfully it doesn't contain any Austen or Bronte heroines, as that gimmick is getting way overdone now.

What happens from there? Well, love, lust, and a little more than everyone bargained for, including David the vampire. Kiki did a good job of making him a likeable, noble rogue; a once titled, rich boy who squandered it on drink and women until one fateful night when he got into too much trouble.

This story is classified by the author as erotica, and though I'm not very much into that genre I did find the love scenes tastefully done and certainly not over-the-top. All in all it's a very good, entertaining read and I do recommend it.”  ~Nicole Hadaway, Literary Paranormal Author of Release

Genres: Historical (Regency), Paranormal (Vampires), Gothic, Erotic Romance
Content Warnings: Explicit Graphic Language, Violence & Bloodlust

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