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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Review of The Second Coming, A Words of the Prophecy Novel by David H. Burton

The language of David H. Burton in this story was at times poetic, and at time prophetic.  The words, always descriptive would one minute make me feel like I was there, a part of the action, and then the next drive home an image so bluntly that I would be shocked out of my flight into fantasy. It was an amazing ride.

The characters were deep, all rich with back stories, driven by differing motives, while omitting just enough to keep me on edge constantly wanting to know more about them. My only even semi-criticism, and maybe just my own failing rather, was with the vast multitude of characters. There were so many names, and often secondary names given to the same characters.  Add to that the connections between the characters which kept developing, plus all of the names of the creatures, and they were at times hard for me to follow. Again, I say me, maybe another reader would have no problem with this at all. It did not distract me though from the enjoyment of reading Second Coming. It is just no easy read, and I would guess no easy write. As an author, I am in awe of Burton’s craft, his abilities to create such a tale. I would love to know if he had all of the twists and turns plotted out before writing it, or if a story such as this one just came from him imagination as he wrote.

The paranormal elements were again a combination of old and original, and the magic was dead on and amazing even to one who has read novels in the genre. But always, it remained gritty, dark, edgy and yet I found myself praying for things to work out in certain characters no matter what they did or how they transgressed!

The world building in Second Coming was amazingly original and absolutely believable for an apocalyptic world.  The setting was a new world over renamed places I know of in my own world. The mentions of old ways tie it all together with the new, creating a viable existence. The writing conventions were well thought out, well written and always made the setting easily seen in the mind’s eye.

To say the plot was layered would be a grave understatement. Talk about a mix. Burton intermixed flawlessly myth, the Bible, and his new take on them both allowing for more than one hero and villain, and therefore a multitude of conflicts and possible resolutions. Only once the layers started to really overlap,  I found myself wishing, hoping, guessing… As a paranormal writer, I can only imagine that this extent of world-building can only come from a great amount of research, of thought and of planning. It leaves definitely leaves you thinking… If my review seems vague, I am sorry. But, with this book, I dare say too much lest I spoil any of it.


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