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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Review of Midnight Revelations – The Watchers, Book Three by D McEntire


The chosen one…with no choice at all.

Suma lives life on the edge—in more ways than one. As her tribe’s chosen protector, her role is far from a privilege. It has sentenced her to a life of 
isolation, shunned by the very people she is sworn to protect. But protect them she will, no matter what the cost to herself.

When she discovers the gorgeous hunk she’s been eyeballing is actually a vampire, she doesn’t hesitate to mark him as the next evil creature she has 
vowed to hunt down.

There’s a Rogue-killing black wolf loose in a local state park, and Rayne is not too happy to be pulled away from his Watcher Cell in
Louisville to 
check it out. The simple investigation turns complicated when he realizes the wolf is a female Skinwalker. And that Skinwalker is Suma. How does he 
know? It takes one to know one.

And when they cross fangs, another fact hits him right between the eyes—she’s his mate. Even though their passion runs hotter than the magic burning 
under their skin, in the end there’s only one real choice.

To answer the call of love…or the call to duty.

Warning: Gruesome battles, dim-witted rogue vampires and awesome sex with real fireworks.
My Review:

After finishing the third book of D. McEntire’s Watcher series, I have to say that they just keep getting better! After each book, I keep saying, “I like this one best.”  This time Rayne, a secondary character from the first two books, becomes the hero while his heroine is a completely new character, Suma.  A new paranormal element is added to this book with the introduction of Skinwalkers.   I really liked the addition of Native American lore to a vampire story.

Both the hero and heroine have a rich back story of loss and pain. They are loners wishing for acceptance and love.  Although, a wonderful twist lies in the various levels of acceptance they grant themselves with different degrees of reluctance to their unique existences.  Yet, as always, D McEntire’s hero and heroine magnetically attract despite the odds set against them, which are usually many.  In this book, once again, she did not disappoint!

Personally, I felt this book had more violence, more intense battle scenes which set you further on edge. But, I would be the first to admit to being wrong here too, because it could have just felt that way as I got more and more wrapped up in the action and the romance. The author creates a nice blend of the two which leads to that fiery romance which makes a reader burn through the pages.

McEntire also developed the secondary characters well, pulling me into one in particular, Dana, more so than she did to any of her previous ones. Even her bad guys are layered, there were the usual rogues along with the connections made to the past books villains – these bad guys just never stop.

Connections form, plots overlap, and the action builds even more, incorporating suspense flawlessly into the whole story.  And in McEntire’s true fashion, tidbits are left to pull the reader to the next book. Can’t wait to read number four!

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  1. Great Job Diane. I always said you were a star. This just proves it.

    Omegia Keeys

  2. Thanks Omegia and so are you! I am so glad we met at AFAF.


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