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Friday, April 23, 2010

My Interview with Aubrie Dionne, Author of Nebula's Music

Kiki: What is your favorite genre to read in, and what is it about that genre that attracts you to it? If you like a specific mix of genres, please state that particular combination.

Aubrie: I read a wide range of genres from literary fiction to fantasy and science fiction. My favorite genre to read, by far, is fantasy. I love the idea of another world with its own history, rules, and characters. I read to escape, and fantasy takes me to places I could never go in real life. Second to fantasy is science fiction. Science fiction is a fantasy world that links to our world, because our world is their past. I love the endless possibilities of what the future can bring.

Kiki: What is your favorite author to read in that genre, and why? Also, please tell me a little about the best book by that author you have read.

Aubrie: My all time favorite poem that inspired me to write fantasy is The Lady of Shalott by Lord Byron. I love the description, the imagery, and the tragic romance all found in just a few lines. I also love Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, and a lot of the old British Classics. As for modern days, I enjoy reading Tad Williams and his epic fantasy books, and Patricia McKillip, who creates beautiful fantasy worlds with lovely descriptions.

Kiki: Do you have a Favorite Book of All Time? Of course, please tell us what about that book makes it your favorite.

Aubrie: See above. I guess I answered two in one!

Kiki: What is the best book you read last month, and would you recommend it to a friend?

Aubrie: I read The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. It’s a young adult book about a post apocalyptic world with zombies and I loved it. I recommended it to all my friends.

Kiki: What are your reading habits like? For example, how many books do you read on average in a week, what format do you prefer to read in, what time of day do you read, and what setting is ideal for you to get lost in that book?

Aubrie: I read about a book a week. I like to read while I eat breakfast and lunch because I’m home alone during those times and I work at night. I can get lost in a book when I have to wait for something, like at an airport or doctor’s office. I have a Sony Ereader and I use it when I travel on long trips. I can take up to three hundred books with me in my purse so I’ll never be bored. J

Kiki: If pressed, could you chose a favorite from the books you have written? Why is it your favorite?

Aubrie: It’s hard for me to choose because I love all of my books just like a mother loves all of her children! My very first book is YA epic fantasy, titled, The Voices of Ire. I’d have to say that this book is the most special to me because it started me on my writing journey and I wrote with reckless abandon not caring about what agents or editors might think. I wrote it two years ago, and it’s coming out in print this summer from Wyvern Publications. Right now I’m working on the final edits!

Kiki: How do you become inspired to write?

Aubrie: Movies inspire me to write! I love Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, anything involving fantasy, science fiction, and adventure. After going to the movies my mind is bursting with endless possibilities.

Kiki: What part of the story do you think is your strength to write?

Aubrie: I love to write descriptions and plot. Settings are my specialty, which is fortunate for a fantasy, science fiction author!

Kiki: Please share with ABA readers something I did not think to ask you about.

Aubrie: I’d like to share some of my inspiration for Nebula’s Music:

Nebula is inspired by the character Data from The Next Generation. I watched star Trek growing up at 7pm and 7:30pm every night for about seven years. Data's journey to become more human fascinated me. There was one scene where he plays the violin and I marveled at the fact that he can take up an instrument and play it perfectly in minutes compared to a human that has to spend a lifetime perfecting their skills. But did his music have emotion? Probably not.

Nebula is not entirely an andriod. She's made from a real human and experiences that woman's past memories. In a way, she's closer to being human than Data can ever be, but can she break some of the barriers that he never could? Can she experience fear, triumph, or fall in love? Would a human reciprocate that love?

Aubrie Dionne
Fantasy and Science Fiction Author
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Each note brings her one step closer to the truth.

When the cyborg Nebula plays the piano she experiences memories from a time before her creation. These memories—which involve a captive rebel fighter being held on their ship—bring with them complex human feelings and awaken a desire for her to discover her origins.

Radian is the long-lost love of the woman from which Nebula was made. He’s vowed to avenge his finance’s death and rescue her sister from the Gryphonites, a fierce race out to enslave the galaxy. Nebula grapples with her identity and how much of who she is comes from someone else’s past. She is not the woman that died, yet she is undeniably drawn to Radian.

Together Nebula and Radian seek to rescue his fiancĂ©’s sister and end the Gryphonites’ cruel reign. But can Radian learn to love again and can Nebula accept a past made from someone else’s memories?


The man stared at her like he knew she’d been coming all along. Their gazes locked, blue on black, and she stood unmoving. She felt uncomfortable as he studied her, his eyes watery with tears.

Unpredictably, he rose from his position on the floor and walked toward her, closing the distance. Although combat tactics flashed through her circuits, she overrode each one and allowed him to take her into his arms. He held her close, smoothing over her back in gentle strokes, and
buried his face into her hair.

Nebula had never been embraced. The sudden rush of contact flooded all her senses. She nestled her face into his shirt, taking in the feel of his body close to hers. She wanted to know if he had the same rush of pleasurable feelings and looked into his eyes for her answer.

He must have seen something strange in her gaze, or it was what he didn’t see, what she lacked, that brought him back to the moment. His eyes chilled to a frosty cerulean and he released her.

“I’m sorry.” He turned away. “But you look so much like her. Damn it, you even smell like her as well.”


  1. Thanks so much for the interview!

  2. Hi Aubrie and Kiki

    I'm enjoying following you on your blogtour, Kiki, and I too love 'The Lady of Shalott." so beautiful and poignant. I'm really looking forward to reading 'Nebula's Music'.


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