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Friday, September 30, 2011

Claw Marks Week on ABA: Cassandre Dayne Interviews Sam Crescent

Cassandre: How did you get started writing and what inspires you the most?

Sam: I have a wild imagination and one day after reading more books than I’d like to admit to I started writing whatever came to mind. I’ve been writing most of my life but I’ve only started to take it seriously these past few years. I never thought someone like me would ever have the opportunity to be a published writer/ author. This is truly a dream come true.

Everything inspired me, walking, cooking seeing interactions of people on the street. Everything sets off a wave of thoughts that will not stop until I’ve written then down.

Cassandre: Have you ever wanted to try writing in a completely alternative genre and how would you go about it?

Sam: I’m delving into the paranormal and vampire genre and I’m always prepared to spread these wings of mine. I’d start by researching a genre and then seeing if any inspiration comes to me. I don’t like writing a story unless I feel happy with how a story can go or who my characters are.

Cassandre: What’s the biggest misconception about being a writer and what difficulties have you faced with your writing?

Sam: That it is easy. Writing is anything but easy. Writing takes time, dedication and an ability to see past the surface. To be able to create a problem and then solve it within a story. I’ve also found at times, it can be lonely at times. Especially when working toward deadlines and the family is waiting for you.

Cassandre: What are you currently working on and what’s coming up for you?

Sam: I’ve several pieces planned for Rebel Ink Press including a valentines day story, it is coming together just a little slowly. I’m working through the next Clifford Arbor book titled, Savoring Emily.

I also have the a series I’ve started with Total-E-Bound and starting the third book in that series.

I like to keep busy.

Cassandre: What do you like best about working with a publishing company?

Sam: I feel they have my back. That as a publishing company they not only want to best for there company which is gaining a great reputation as a quality publisher but also they want authors who want to sub to them on this basis. Publishers are a little like parents, they guide you to be the best that you can be as a writer. At least that is how I feel. I’ve not had a bad publisher but other may feel different. 

Some fun questions…

Cassandre: If you had to select an actor or actress to play in your piece from Claw Marks – who would it be?

Sam: Leonardo Dicaprio, what can I say I love Leo. Lol

Cassandre: How hot do you think cougars are and why?

Sam:I think cougars are seriously hot to write as it can be told from many perspectives. From the wife who hasn’t had the proper loving to the more adventurous woman. From threesomes to tender moments.

Cougars don’t need to be told from the stereotypical point but can be delved into in much more detail and from a variety of angles. I enjoyed writing cougars and brought me immense pleasure getting to know my characters.

Cassandre: If you had an opportunity to have a young lover – do you have one in mind and would you fess up?

Sam: As much as I love writing cougars, I have to say I go for the older man lol. So nope.

Cassandre: What’s something you can’t live without for writing?

Sam: My notebooks. Without my ever expanding list of notebooks I would be lost and my writing would be ruined.

Cassandre: Favorite color and does it suit your personality and why?

Sam: My favorite color is purple but I only eat green colored sweets. I have no idea if the color matches my personality.

Cassandre: What’s your favorite seduction song?

Sam: There are so many I love. At the moment I love Bruno Mars Grenade. Adele someone like you. Christina Perri Jar of hearts.

Cassandre: What would you consider to be the most romantic place on earth and why?

Sam: Buxton, I’m in love with it and there is where I’d love to be one day.

Author Sam Crescent Bio:
Sam Crescent lives in a small land known as the United Kingdom, at least it seems small on a huge map. No matter what she can always find places of inspiration and it was her land that inspired her first book, Office Hours. She has a passion for all things romance and when she discovered erotic romance she was all set. After spending years doing nothing but reading, in 2009 she decided to spread her wings and try out writing. After two years of serious learning and many rejections she finally got her first acceptance in 2011 and is now onto her second with Rebel Ink Press. She couldn’t imagine a world without romance and now she is part of the scene creating romance she has never been happier.

When she is not writing, you can find her walking for inspiration or in her kitchen. You can find her on; Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/SamCrescent, Blog: http://samcrescent.wordpress.com/, Facebook: http://en-gb.facebook.com/people/Sam-Crescent/100002178529657.

She can also be found lurking around on other blog pages.

Claw Marks Anthology Coming Oct 3rd from Rebel Ink:

Have you ever considered engaging in an exciting relationship with a stunning hunk of a man who’s much younger? Does your heart beat rapidly as you savor his carved body from across the crowded room? Every cougar can tell you the answer. Entering into new relationships isn’t easy and for some, sharing joy means letting go of a difficult past. Join a talented group of writers from Rebel Ink Press who bring you stories of love and passion transcending age and sometimes tragedy.

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Believe by K.T. Bishop – Gabi continues to suffer from the loss of her husband until she finds passion in the arms of a young athlete bent on making a better life for himself. But can his dream succeed against his family’s wishes? Tempting Research by
Sam Crescent – For Melissa Crane, research for her erotic books is everything. Stumped by a scene and facing a tough deadline, she enlists the help of one very sexy masseuse. Carnal Awakenings by Sara York – Anna is not only concerned about her aging looks but her children’s thoughts about her considering another relationship until a secluded vacation and a hot younger man and his male lover convince her an alternate lifestyle might work. Unwrap Me by Cassandre Dayne – Cristal refuses to get over the acts of her cheating ex husband until her best friend provides a special treat under the mistletoe. Fresh Meat by Marcos London – Robin Dahl moved to a small town in Texas to get away from her manipulating ex and pushes all thoughts of romance aside until a sexy deliveryman changes her mind.

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