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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Romancing Your Dark Side Tour – Stacey Kennedy Interviews Amber Scott

*waves* I’m urban fantasy/paranormal romance author, Stacey Kennedy and I’ve got a treat for you today! I had the chance to interview paranormal romance author, Amber Scott! So let the fun begin!!

About the Author, Amber Scott:
In between naptimes and dishes, Amber Scott escapes into her characters hot, addictive lives and choices. She often burns dinner, is hooked on chocolate and still believes in happily ever after. You can find her online chatting with her Facebook HOT Club fans, helping out at 1stTurningPoint.com and the Indie Book Collective and more. She makes her home in Arizona with her two cuddly kids, talented husband and, someday, many, many cats.

About The Book, Fierce Dawn:
Snarling teeth, glowing eyes. Someone--something--is after her.

The man who haunts her dreams enters her reality, claiming she's transforming into a changeling--not quite immortal but no longer human.

Battle lines are drawn and blood spills as the two fight not only for her life, but for mankind's as well.

The Interview:

Stacey: I’m sure many of us have had the pleasure of getting to know you on Facebook and Twitter but can you tell us about the real Amber—something that we don’t know about you.

Amber: I'm genetically prissy, hooked on chocolate, coffee and wine. I'm a stay home momma of two. The last time I cried was the first day of my son starting first grade. I like my toenails cherry red but don't paint my fingernails because they never seem to dry. I was born and raised in in northern Nevada but call Arizona home now and love the lightening storms here. I've wanted to
be an author for as long as I can remember and every day, thanks to fans and readers, I get to live my dream.

Stacey: You’re a very talented author and I’d love to hear what you’ve just released and what you’ve got planned for the future. I’m always looking for a good read!

Amber: Fierce Dawn is my latest release and Soul Search, a paranormal romance set in 1930, plus Wanted, a time travel romance, will both release in September.

Stacey: We as authors can do strange things sometimes to get us in the mood to write. Do you have any weird habits that you can share?

Amber: I am seriously co-dependent on my iPod, Bibi. Yes, I named her. She is my little writing buddy and we create soundtracks for each book together. I lost my last iPod and I am not a person who loses things. I freaked out. I searched high and low. I get depressed to this day if I think about it too long. It felt like losing my puppy.

Stacey: As an author what part of writing do you wish you could do without? I hate revisions! What’s yours?

Amber: How long it takes. I wish I could type faster. I'm a pretty fast writer but sometimes,
the stories in my head are so juicy and I want them all out at once! I'm a patient person in most
arenas of my life but not with writing. I want it now, now, now!

Stacey: Authors can get drawn into their stories as deeply as readers do. Was there a scene while
writing Fierce Dawn that brought you to tears?

Amber: The scene when Sadie's sister exposed her painting to Dr. Meyers. The betrayal Sadie
felt, I have felt and I did very intensely in that scene. It was a turning point for Sadie. She had to
choose between her old life as a human and her new life as a changeling, realizing that the old
life couldn't be lied to for forever.

Stacey: Oh that does sound emotional! Now taking it a step further was there a scene that gave
you a lot of trouble?

Amber: The first scene and really, all of chapter one. I revised it about a hundred times, literally. Rearranging, piecing together, cutting, adding, fleshing out. I love the finished product but it was like mining for gold.

Stacey: Lord, I agree with you! The first chapter can be tough. So let’s dig into the characters a bit. Is there one that’s your favorite?

Amber: Well, my current favorite is Lyric, partly due to my currently writing his story. He's dark, funny, mysterious and his little sojourn in vampirism fascinates me. Plus, when he takes his shirt off, I swoon.

Stacey: Ooo I love the name, Lyric! Sexy! Can you share with us now your favorite line from Fierce Dawn?

Amber: I can't tell you my favorite line without giving a ton away, so I'll say this. It's toward the end, spoken by Elijah, and is the key to getting him and Sadie out of a very sticky situation. If anyone guesses it, I'll send them a free eARC of each of my next four titles. Woot!

Stacey: You’re one busy lady but what’s next for Amber Scott? Give us some news we can look forward to!

Amber: I have quite a few projects in works. Stealing Dusk, book II of ParaRealm is already so much fun. And I'm very excited to be re-releasing all my previously traditional titles into the mainstream. Also, I wrote my first zombie story! "Dirt Nap" will appear in The Evil Within horror anthology in time for Halloween. I never would have guessed a zombie would be so much fun!

Stacey: Thanks Amber! It was a blast chatting with you! You’re one heck of a lady and I think everyone should get to know you. Where are they able to connect with you?

Amber: Anywhere online. I love Facebook, finally get Twitter, and blog twice a week updating readers on news plus songs I use in scenes. I spend most of my online time in my secret Facebook fan group, The HOT Club chatting away about this and that, though.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Amber’s books, go right now, click buy and be blown away!

Hugs & Kisses!

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  1. Great interview! Looking forward to hosting both Amber and Stacey on my blog :)

  2. I love it when 2 authors get to talking - lol. Love their viewpoints.

    Excited about the historical paranormal book. I really enjoy paranormals set in the past. I mean come on - Jack the Ripper is one of the all time favorite unsolved mysteries - was he a demon? lol

  3. I love these interviews! You all crack me up. Thanks for the smiles and, as always, the info!

  4. You guys are wonderful together. I think the tour has roadies :) So we are all your personnal cheer and fan club!

  5. Amber! Was it: When Holly lay
    in your arms in your stolen moments, did she whisper my name?”

    Fav Line?

  6. I just don't know if I can get past "dark, funny, and mysterious" oh my so true LOL thanks for sharing another piece of you.


  7. @Nikki, YES!!! You are the big winner~!!!
    Thank you everyone for commenting. I adore Stacey and she makes for a fun interview!

  8. Congrats Nikki!
    The interview was great! Can't wait to read Fierce Dawn!

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