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Friday, August 12, 2011

Bri Clark Reviews “Highland Conqueror” by Hannah Howell

Product Description from Amazon:
Bestselling author Hannah Howell captures the breathless danger and desire of the Highlands in this exciting tale of a fierce Scotsman who lays siege to the heart of a proud English beauty...

Lady Jolene Gerard is running out of time--each moment she remains within the walls of Drumwich Castle she is in jeopardy. Her only chance lies with a prisoner chained to the dungeon walls, a Scotsman who, in return for freedom, helps Jolene and her young nephew escape her cousin's deadly snare. Pursued by murderous villains, Jolene is prepared for to fight for her life. But in the arms of rugged Sigimor Cameron, she soon surrenders her heart...
He was too late to save the Englishman to whom he owned a blood debt, but not the man's lovely sister. Stunned by his desire for the spirited English lass, Sigimor presses them on to safety, his enemies in dogged pursuit. And while sweet desire speaks a thousand words, the secret they long to share remains locked in a battle of stubborn pride. But when saving Jolene from his enemy leaves Sigimor no choice but to make her his wife, a bargain born of passion can only by sealed by the kiss of true love...

Highland Conqueror is by far one of my favorite Hannah Howell novels. I have literally read all of Mrs. Howell’s Highland novels and was captivated by each. While the voice is strong in all her novels, each story is original because the characters are truly genuine.

In Highland Conqueror Sigimor Cameron finally gets his own story. A laird at an early age of a clan full of orphans and younger siblings he rose to his station as leader, parent, and protector honorable and strong. While he showed up as a secondary in several other novels, I always loved him. He’s large and very alpha male but he also witty and loves to pick and argue with people. Then there is the bonny Liam his cousin that all the damsels fall for. While Sigimor is the one who usually defends his cousin, when English Lady Jolene Gerard is around his cousin Sigimor is singing a different tune.

English Lady Jolene Gerard is Sigimor’s complete opposite. Bonny but a wee lass with dark hair and petite he can’t put rational thought to why his body responds to her. Then he figures out she’s his mate. In a creative and totally Sigimor Cameron way, he convinces her to marry him. Then doesn’t realize she finds a loophole to annul the marriage.  Jolene is perfect for Sigimor. However, I cried with her when she had to choose between honor, duty, and love. Find out what she chose by buying it NOW!

Author Website: http://hannahhowell.com

Reviewed By:
Author Bri Clark, The Belle of Boise
Author of "Glazier"

Product Description from Author Website:
Marie Kincaid is devastated after losing her family in a violent crash…so she runs. One morning, she awakes in an infirmary with total memory loss and a new power: Glazier. The cold frozen mists of Glazier’s instincts enable Marie to embark on a new life free of pain but most importantly free of the past. Heightened senses, accelerated strength,speed, and learning abilities make Marie a perfect candidate to be a spy…also a perfect companion for Henry Tenison, the only other known Glazier.

Henry, a loner and proud rogue finds his world upended when his connection to Marie is forged. Unsure of how to progress, he endeavors to keep it strictly professional. As far away missions and romantic surroundings entice him into pursuing his deeper desires, he caves. However, Marie’s love changes everything.

Determined to free them both of the spy world and the hold Glazier has over their lives, Henry implements a plot to disappear. However, when things become dangerous in their latest mission and memories of Marie’s past surface suggesting another man…will Henry’s efforts come too late? If Marie remembers her past, will she still want their future?


  1. Love HIGHLAND CONQUEROR, one of my faves in the series. If you have not read the rest of the series, you should. Probably my #1 fave would be HIGHLAND WARRIOR, about Avery and Cameron.

  2. June I gottem all girl. I loved Avery and Cameron too. But Sigmour was one of my faves as well. What am I say I love em all.


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