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Monday, December 6, 2010

My Interview with Selena Kitt - Plus Huge Giveaway

Today I am interviewing Selena Kitt who has three Christmas stories which contain elements of erotic horror and suspense releasing this December.
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Kiki: I read a lot of holiday stories, kind-of a junkie. And, I love it when genres I usually read like paranormal and suspense are included in them. How easy is it for you to mix the genres of suspense and horror with a holidays-themed story? Can you tell us what inspired these stories?

Selena: Suspense and horror are great at Christmas, because it makes such a wonderful juxtaposition. Take one warm fuzzy time of year, add something awful, resolve that element, and everyone lives happily ever after. (Well, sometimes…) What could be better? I’m a grumpy Scrooge on the surface with a big heart underneath, so really, it’s not hard to put that paradox into the work!

Kiki: I was going to ask you something like what Christmas means to you, but I thought maybe a word-association game would be more fun, and possibly more revealing :) So, write a word or phrase that comes to your mind after each.

Coming Dec 10th

Decorating the House – tangled Christmas lights 
Christmas Shopping – Amazon.com
Wrapping Presents – paper cuts
Cookies - fattening
Egg Nog – even more fattening!
Mrs. Claus – The Year Without a Santa Claus
Snowmen – Brrr!
Holiday Sex – Now we’re talking!

Kiki: Okay, back to Christmas stories again. Do you read them? And if so, do you have a favorite one you could recommend?

Selena: My favorite Christmas story is The Gift of the Magi. I read it to the kids every year.

Kiki: What about Holiday movies or Christmas TV specials? Are there ones it just does not feel like Christmas if you miss them?

Coming Dec 17th
Selena: It’s a Wonderful Life is my all time favorite.

Kiki: Do you have a special holiday tradition? What about a special Christmas recipe you make every year?

Selena: We make sugar cookies every year – the kind you roll and cut. Then we frost and decorate them. The kids love it, and I used to do it with my mom, so it’s a tradition passed on.

Kiki: Last, I hear you have another great giveaway going on. Please share the details! 


In honor of the release of Baumgartner Generations: Henry, Selena is having an awesome giveaway!

To enter this contest, ALL you have to do is sign up for the newsletter! Easy-peasy!

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This contest runs from November 15 until December 15, 2010.

Winners will be announced on December 16, 2010 on Selena’s blog

YOU CAN WIN ONE OF TWO BIG PRIZES, three smaller prizes, or possibly an even bigger THIRD PRIZE!

WINNER ONE: An autographed copy of every print book in the Baumgartner series so far (including Babysitting the Baumgartners, A Baumgartner Reunion, Baumgartner Generations: Janie and the latest Baumgartner Generations: Henry


WINNER TWO: The Sex Toy Package – a customized pink lady, black case, vortex ribbed Fleshlight (http://www.fleshlight.com) (just like the one Henry used in the book!) along with plenty of lube and an autographed copy of Baumgartner Generations: Henry

THREE RUNNER UP WINNERS  will win an autographed PRINT copy  of Baumgartner Generations: Henry!

If ANY of the Baumgartner books make it into the top 100 on Amazon during this contest period, I will give away ANOTHER Sex Toy Package along with a $25 Amazon gift card to that lucky winner!

(Selena will be watching the Baumgartner books but if she missed it and you see one of them go into the top 100, email her at selenakittyn at yahoo dot com with a screen capture!)

The Sex Toy Package includes a customized pink lady, black case, vortex ribbed Fleshlight (http://www.fleshlight.com) (just like the one Henry used in the book!) along with plenty of lube and an autographed copy of Baumgartner Generations: Henry and a $25 Amazon Gift Card!



  1. that is one hot giveaway - just saying ... ;)

  2. Good interview. What a great giveaway. Thanks


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