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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ami Blackwelder’s Review of “Portal” By Imogen Rose

I must admit I am a Twilight fan and I thought it would be hard to find anything that could come close to what I felt for Stephanie Meyer’s novels, but Portal by Imogen Rose is a close call. No, not vampires. No, not werewolves.

Her science fiction romantic journey takes the reader on a completely different kind of experience -a time bending, dimension leaping swirl of page turning anticipation, heartfelt passions, and familial relationships.  With well developed and complicated characters and a twisting plot, this novel was hard to put down and I am intrigued to find out how the sequel will deal with the issues.

Imogen Rose sets up a fantastical world within the realm of possibility, by structuring a story that revolves around a physicist named Olivia (Arizona’s mother), who is unhappily married and is told by a musician named Rupert, to meet her two years ago. The story unfolds, but this time Arizona is not living the life she knew, but is also affected by the choices her mother, Olivia has made, and her world becomes a series of memories she never had.

To complicate matters, Arizona finds herself dating the handsome Kellan, the love of her (new) life, for eight years and while she is finding this new dimension full of surprises, this is one surprise she may not want to let go of...

This was a definite Sci-Fi-Romance, that fans of that genre are not going to want to miss!

Five stars out of five!

Portal, 'A Science Fiction Twilight'  By Imogen Rose

Reviewed By: Ami Blackwelder 

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