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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Cynthia Vespia (www.CynthiaVespia.com); Barbara Custer (www.bloodredshadows.com); Melissa Glisan (www.melissagilsan.com); Horror authors, one and all, taking a break out of torturing and maiming to bring you insight on their latest projects. Just in time for Halloween these stories will tingle your spines, curdle your blood, and simultaneously blow your minds! We join this chat already in progess:

Welcome to The Realms of Love Chat Castle

CynLV7: Shall we shamelessly plug our work? What do you have coming out Mel?
barbaracuster_2009: Let's heear it, Mel
Melissa_G: its a horror story titled Song of the Nighthawk
barbaracuster_2009: Do tel!
CynLV7: I like the title
CynLV7: Those are always the hardest to come up with
Melissa_G: thanks 
Melissa_G: I can't write without a title, I'm weird that way
barbaracuster_2009: It is a great tite
Melissa_G: it's about a young woman named Anita who has these horrible headaches from working all day in her family's news vendor booth hawking papers...
Melissa_G: at night she dreams of being a beautiful deaf peasant girl with no troubles
CynLV7: thats different, dreaming of being deaf
Melissa_G: until that world starts bleeding over in her reality - she starts becoming the deaf girl
barbaracuster_2009: Okay, so her hearing was okay, and she became deaf?  Was she happy?
Melissa_G: In her dreams she was very happy... much happier than she was in modern times
barbaracuster_2009: Where I live, she would be hassled.
CynLV7: whats the genre?
Melissa_G: horror
barbaracuster_2009: Pure horror?
CynLV7: Ah, so this is a horror chat 
Melissa_G: oh, yeah
barbaracuster_2009: There's plenty of horror in my book, but we're calling it dark thriller
Melissa_G: this story is pretty much just horror
CynLV7: ive taken to calling mine supernatural thriller on account of the vampires, werewolves, and demons
Melissa_G: especially what Anita ends up going through in order to return to reality
barbaracuster_2009: Since we have aliens and undergrund cities, there's lots of SF in mine, but the cannibalism - skeletons - torture - that spells horror.
CynLV7: so shes caught in a dreamscape?
barbaracuster_2009: Does she survive?
Melissa_G: she's caught in the body of the girl in the past, she has to free the song that she as a hearing person can hear, at the right time and place, in order to free her ancestor and free her family, its kind of twisted
Melissa_G: every other woman in her family died trying...
CynLV7: this is your first book?
Melissa_G: nope
barbaracuster_2009: What else have you written?
Melissa_G: it was my first horror story, pure horror that is, so I was pretty excited when AMP accepted it
barbaracuster_2009: I know the feeling.  Are you doing a sequel?
Melissa_G: not sure how well that would work, given the content
barbaracuster_2009: Sequels are challenging
barbaracuster_2009: Mine sure is.
CynLV7: anyone ever request a sequel for a book from you that just cant be done
CynLV7: i mean im sure there are ways but sometimes certain books/movie just cant have a sequel
barbaracuster_2009: Not from me. I did short story sequels on request and I believe this one can be done too.
barbaracuster_2009: Mine lends itself to sequel because a group of the good Kryszka escape, and this is part of 2nd novel.
CynLV7: I keep getting requests for sequels for my medieval fantasy The Crescent...its not that it isnt possible it just wouldnt work as well
Melissa_G: but I'd love to do a sequel to my "duet" in Frights & Delights - the one witht he zombies
CynLV7: So im making it a movie instead!
barbaracuster_2009: Are you doing a movie?
Melissa_G: a movie, wow!
CynLV7: Ooh, zombies. My sequel to Demon Hunter has zombies..in fact I just finished that chapter
barbaracuster_2009: I love zombies - I've got some of those in my sequel.
CynLV7: Yup, getting everything in place to do movie version of The Crescent. Just looking for capital to fund it
Melissa_G: Rave On was a lot of fun to write - lesbian zombies.... loved it
barbaracuster_2009: Where can you get the book?
CynLV7: Who's book?
Melissa_G: let me get the link
CynLV7: I love your titles Mel
barbaracuster_2009: Rave on.  I never heard of lesbian zombies. Curious.
barbaracuster_2009: Titles came pretty easy for me for the most part. I think if I can't title a book, there's a problem.
CynLV7: I dunno, I tend to change mine several times until it speaks to me
CynLV7: Same with character names
Melissa_G: http://www.aspenmountainpress.com/paranormal/horror/frights-and-delights/prod_186.html
barbaracuster_2009: I change my character names a lot also.
Melissa_G: its a duet - two stories in one
barbaracuster_2009: Melissa, thanks.
Melissa_G: thank you for asking
barbaracuster_2009: I didn't make it easy for any of my characters. I treated them exactly the way I wouldn't want to be treated.
barbaracuster_2009: My title - Dark Side of the Moon
CynLV7: Thats what I like to say...situations you could find yourself in but hope to God you never do
CynLV7: My release was moved to September 25th for Demon Hunter...its bigger, badder, and bloodier. I'm loving my cover art too!
Melissa_G: AMP has awesome cover art
barbaracuster_2009: Cool.  Is it on the website?
CynLV7: Yeah, under Coming Soon
barbaracuster_2009: I'll check  it out.
barbaracuster_2009: My sequel will be badder and bloodier than the first.
CynLV7: There you go luv: http://aspenmountainpress.com/coming-soon/coming-soon/demon-hunter/prod_264.html
barbaracuster_2009: Thanks.
barbaracuster_2009: Mine is listed in the horror section.
CynLV7: Do you guys have personal websites?
Melissa_G: yes www.melissaglisan.com
barbaracuster_2009: Yes. Mine is www.bloodredshadows.com
CynLV7: Ok, and mine is www.CynthiaVespia.com
barbaracuster_2009: I've also got my NTD books/ magazine
Melissa_G: and my blog is http://dogwild.blogspot.com
barbaracuster_2009: I do interviews on my blog www.barbaracuster.wordpress.com.  Also wrote a few pieces on my book and life.
barbaracuster_2009: I found Wordpress more user-friendly than blogspot.
Melissa_G: really? I was all thumbs at wordpress
barbaracuster_2009: Blogspot was okay, but I kept having password problems.
CynLV7: My blog can be found via my website: http://cynthiavespia.com/News/news.html
barbaracuster_2009: They wouldn't give me a new on, so I gave up the ghost on that one.
barbaracuster_2009: What do y'all write about on your blogs?
CynLV7: whatever the voices tell me to
Melissa_G: contests, new releases
Melissa_G: on live journal I talk about life but that's locked
barbaracuster_2009: I stick to doing author interviews, but the voice gets in there and I write special pieces.
CynLV7: J/K...sort of. I've been using it to promote my interviews, been doing mad PR for Demon Hunter
barbaracuster_2009: I had a blog on Myspace still do but I was told it's not the best way to promote.  I have facebook.
CynLV7: I still maintain both of those as well but i toned down the personal side to it
barbaracuster_2009: I'm promoting in a round about way - by endearing folks to me who read the interviews.
Melissa_G: facebook seems to be just a bunch of weird polls and hard to follow stuff
CynLV7: I also have a myspace page for my character Costa in Demon Hunter: myspace.com/demonhunternovel....that was fun to create
barbaracuster_2009: Facebook I write my humor stuff.
Melissa_G: and my space is so flooded...
Melissa_G: www.myspace.com/melissaglisan
barbaracuster_2009: I started doing a myspace on harry, but things came up.  I'm going to finish it up when I'm on vacation next week.
Melissa_G: www.facebook.com/dogwild
barbaracuster_2009: I do have a following for my humor on facebook.
CynLV7: Ladies its about that time for me...its been alot of fun though
barbaracuster_2009: Me too.  I really enjoyed this.  
Melissa_G: same here,
CynLV7: We'll have to do it again sometime
barbaracuster_2009: We will. 
CynLV7: Right now I get to go take out my frustrations on someone in the weight room...lol, personal trainer by day...writer always!
Melissa_G: yes, we will 
CynLV7: Have a nice night ladies
barbaracuster_2009: You too.
Melissa_G: good night
barbaracuster_2009: Good night.

Be on the lookout for the latest releases: Demon Hunter, Song of the Nighthawk, and Dark Side of the Moon

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