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Monday, September 28, 2009

Review of Location, Location, Location by Emma Hillman
Reviewed by Kiki Howell

So, what girl doesn’t have a secret fantasy, all worked out in her head because she has gone through it working it out numerous times in her mind, about accidentally running into insert name of famous hunk here and having him be angry and suddenly taking you and…?   Well, you get the point, but if you don’t then this story just is not for you! *LAUGHING* Seriously though, this story is a lively and provocative fantasy romance where a woman, Mia Adams, literally does just that—she crashes her car into the man she has always dreamed of, former pro football player, Kevin McIntyre.

Emma’s use of language sets the tone of the story masterfully from the first page and begins building substantial characters you can’t help but love with Mia’s witty, devil-may-care attitude and when it comes to having sex with Kevin, whether fantasy or real; and Kevin’s angry, alpha ways of dealing with her.   The hints at seduction soon turn into steamy unrestrained acts of passion which fit the characters well, while it is the locations of these romps which keep you turning the pages to get to the next fated meeting of the two and possibly taking notes.  I think it is the impetuousness of both characters at times that leave you constantly wondering what will happen next.

When Kevin’s voice and demeanor subtlety change by inviting Mia to his house is when Emma Hillman really amps up her writing talents and has you gobbling up the remainder of the story.   Want to put a smile on your face and add to the repertoire of your fantasies, then read Location, Location, Location and if you would like to catch up with Mia and Kevin a few years down the road then be on the lookout for Yes, No, Maybe releasing October 12 also with eXcessica.  


  1. Thanks a lot, Kiki!

    Still giggling over that "and possibly taking notes" line...and very glad you enjoyed the book.

    Em x

  2. I've also read Location, Location, Location and enjoyed it VERY much!



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