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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Review of “When Dreams Bleed” by Robin Cain

When Dreams Bleed by Robin Cain

A software genius with a knack for business, Frank’s been living the dream his whole life. He’s amassed money, success, and is now accumulating women, but someone out there thinks he’s gone too far. 

Who is seeking revenge and why? His wife? His mistress? Or the shadow who’s been following his every move? 

Just when he thinks he has anticipated his opponent’s next move a tragic car accident leaves him paralyzed, his life’s work is being stolen and his wife has disappeared. Just how far will someone go to teach him the correlation between deception and despair? 

WHEN DREAMS BLEED examines temptation and the ensuing consequences in a contemporary world. It’s no secret that dreams come at a price, but what happens WHEN DREAMS BLEED?

This was one of those books, even at over 300 pages, you read very quickly thanks to the suspense-filled plot. I actually read it in only three nights. The story is so multi-layered that every answer forms a new question.

There were a lot of characters, and at times I did have to take pause to review it all in my head. However, in the end, the varied point of view changes and frequent introduction of new characters only seemed to deepen the plot, digging the main character,Frank, in even deeper.

While there was a lot of romance and sexuality in the book, it was not a romance, per say, but more a mystery novel. So, if you are hoping for a happy ending, then think Edith Wharton, and get over it. I personally love Edith Wharton novels – sometimes not having any clue how the book will end heightens the excitement of reading it. I feel Robin Cain did a great job of creating this story, keeps the reader on their toes, and paints an appropriate and believable tale of what it can be like today in big business - of the price one can pay to get it all.

Reviewed By:
Kiki Howell  

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  1. So happy to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for this post~


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