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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Interview with Roxanne Rhoads, Author of Eternal Desire

Okay, I went poking around the internet and have come up with these questions.   First the basics… 

1.     Why vampires?   And, what gave you the idea for http://www.fang-tasticbooks.blogspot.com/
 Vampires-they are just so appealing. Forever young, immortal…sexy. What’s not to love? 
Seriously, I dealt with a lot of death at a young age. By the time I was 12 I had probably been to more funerals in my short life than most people attend in their whole life. When I found Interview with a Vampire at a yard sale, I was probably 10 or 11, I was instantly drawn into the world of creatures that never die (almost never). 
I was already a fan of the paranormal-ghosts, witches and the like, but Anne Rice’s vampire seduced me into the world of the night creatures. 
Fang-tastic Books came about from my love of vampires and books combined. I was reading so many books one night I decided I should start reviewing them and promoting them. I was already reviewing a few books here and there for other sites but I wanted to really focus on vampire and other paranormal/urban fantasy books so I tried a few vampire related names and decided on Fang-tastic Books. And now it seems to have grown into a pretty popular site for other fans of the paranormal book genre. 

2.     Watching your new Book Trailer Video for Eternal Desire http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuJ6niYhgJg  what made you choose New Orleans as your setting?
 I love New Orleans. The history, the magic, it is so compelling. I think part of my love for New Orleans stemmed, yet again from Anne Rice’s books, but I’ve been there and was so drawn to it. I really want to go back, and not just for Mardi Gras. To explore and really get into the history of the city. 

Now, after poking around the internet about you, my questions are… 

3. I enjoyed your post at The Erotic Woman Blog, http://www.theeroticwoman.com/erotica/add-romance-your-bedroom-feng-shui.  So, where did you get your knowledge of Feng Shui?   What is your favorite book on the subject?   And, what is your favorite cure? 
Feng shui-I studied tons of books and articles, can’t really remember many of the books now. I know I read quite a few by Lillian Too. 
One that I still have is Easy to Use Feng Shui: 168 Ways to Success. 
I love using copper in the kitchen for success and prosperity.  
My very favorite Feng Shui tips are incorporated into the bedroom- red for passion and items in multiples of two to symbolize the couple.

4. On Twitter, http://twitter.com/RoxanneRhoads, you posted book videos on YouTube you have as favorites by authors like Kerrelyn Sparks and Jeaniene Frost.   Who is your favorite Vampire Author?   Do you have a favorite vampire book, or are you like me and can’t narrow it down? 
I can’t say that I have just one favorite book or author there are so many. Jeaniene Frost, Laurell K Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Kimberly Frost, Chloe Neill…these are a few that immediately pop into my head though there are so many more. And the books-I just love so many.  
I must admit right now (this could change with the next book I read) two of most favorite series are The Southern Witch books by Kimberly Frost and The Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. I think I’ve been frosted. 

5. In your Bio you use the following terms to describe yourself: freelance writer, erotic romance author and poet, story strumpet, tome loving tart, sexual connoisseur, creature of the night.   Pick one, and tell me more about why this is you? 
Tome loving tart- every surface in my house seems to have at least one book on it or every near to it. Books (ie. Tomes) were my first love and will probably be my forever love. And me, well I am a bit of a naughty tart and I loved how the description fit me to a t. ( pun intended tome and tart-ts) 

Now, just for fun…
6. Favorite TV show, and are you a fan of TrueBlood? 
Unfortunately I don’t have HBO so I’ve only had the chance to watch two episodes of TrueBlood which left me undecided and confused. I plan to get TrueBlood on DVD so I can watch the whole thing and really understand what’s going on. 
A few of my favorite shows are Bones, Being Human, House, Castle and CSI (though I miss Grissom). 
A vampire show I truly miss is Blood Ties. 

7. As the Kitchen is sometimes referred to as the heart of the home, describe yours.   For example, walls are yellow, decorations have a celestial theme, what appliances are on the counters? 
I love my kitchen because it took years to finally remodel it and get it just the way I want. It is designed to be a modern version of an Old Italian country kitchen. The walls are deeply textured and painted in earthy green tones with a faux finish to give it depth and even more texture (like old plaster). The cabinets are a natural wood color and I have grapes and grape vines, wine bottles, olive oil bottles, and country baskets as decorating accents. My dining nook has an old fashioned simple dining room table that is heavy duty and will last a lifetime. 

Last One!
8. Can you share a paranormal poem with us? 
Here’s one of my vampire inspired poems of a female vampire stalking her prey-told through the voice of the victim. 
Sinewy steel and marble grace
stilettos clicked across cobblestone
She moved in and out of the shadows
She stalked me, my soul on her lips
Surreal passion drenched me in sex swirled thoughts
Desire bubbled and boiled, I couldn’t say no
Her grip was a silk covered vice
Pleasure penetrated my weakness
I tried to fight, I screamed at the blood covered moon
The liquid eclipse only mocked me
I flowed like a fountain into a river
Drained I gave into her embrace
Eternal beauty stopped my heart
As I stared into the lifetime of her eyes

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  1. Congratulations, Roxanne, on your new release and on the wonderful reviews for Eternal Desire!

    Maggie Dove


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